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Since 2013, Grad School Hub has been the industry-leading source for graduate school rankings and research. We collect data from government databases, education organizations, and universities in order to rank the best graduate schools and programs in the U.S. We’ve built a wealth of resources to help you navigate choosing a degree, paying tuition, and measuring the impact a graduate degree can make on your life and career.

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  • We research

    degree subjects to see how they'll impact your career.

  • We collect

    datapoints on every graduate program we examine.

  • We rank

    graduate schools with our evidence-based methodologies.

  • We help
    2 million

    grad students make decisions each year.

  • We want

    of students to be debt-free.

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Our Methodology, Explained. Learn more about how we choose the best graduate schools. Our Methodology, Explained.

Meet the Team

  • Andrea Perez picture

    Andrea Perez

    Schools Editor
    Alma mater: University of South Florida

    Andrea Perez is the schools editor at Grad School Hub who oversees our college rankings, school profiles, and other higher education coverage. A graduate school alumna of the University of South Florida, she previously served as an editor at The Simple Dollar, as well as a staff writer at Connect, USF's digital magazine.

  • Danika Miller picture

    Danika Miller

    Higher Education Reporter
    Alma mater: Western Washington University

    Danika Miller is an education reporter at Grad School Hub who covers higher education news and trends, as well as paying for college. Her writing has also appeared in Best Value Schools, Affordable Colleges Online, and Her Campus, and her financial expertise has been featured in The Simple Dollar and CreditCards.com.

  • Kat Wallner picture

    Kat Wallner

    Head of Marketing
    Alma mater: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

    Kat Wallner leads Marketing for Grad School Hub. She has led product and marketing for digital brands such as Reviews.com, The Simple Dollar and MYMOVE. She graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Business Journalism and Spanish. Her passion lies in connecting consumers to the right content and brands to make some life's most important financial decisions such as choosing your Higher Education.

  • Rogelio Vazquez-Rivera picture

    Rogelio Vazquez-Rivera

    Engineering Manager
    Alma mater: University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez

    Rogelio Vazquez-Rivera is the engineering manager for Grad School Hub. He began his career working at IBM building software for the collaboration solutions business. He holds a B.S. and an M.Eng. in Computer Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez.

  • Maria A. Carballo picture

    Maria A. Carballo

    Marketing Lead
    Alma mater: Bentley University

    Maria A. Carballo is the business lead of Grad School Hub and Learn How to Become. She has 9+ years on marketing experience, started her career in consumer goods and pivoted to leading strategy for digital brands such as Reviews.com, Interest.com and The Simple Dollar. She graduated from Bentley University with a B.S. in Management and Marketing

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