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Updated August 7, 2020

Abilene Christian University appears in our ranking of 10 Most Affordable Doctorate in Organizational Leadership Online.

Students who want to learn about organizational leadership and do so in a place where they can grow spiritually, as well, should consider attending Abilene Christian University. Here, you don't have to focus on school or spirituality, as you can learn to create a balance of both, which can help you in your endeavors later in life. They've got a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and online graduate programs from which to choose, ensuring that you can find something that fits your needs.

The primary goal of the college is to educate leaders who want to go where God has led them. You can learn to serve with your soul, heart, mind, and all that's within you. You can learn how to think critically, both on a global, local, and personal level.

Educational options at the undergraduate level include Biblical Studies, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Nursing, and Education while graduate educational options include all but Nursing.

Those who want to learn primarily online have many graduate choices available, as well. You can learn more about educational leadership, which can prepare you to lead others in schools and organizations with skill and purpose.

About Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University was founded in 1903 when Charles Roberson and A.B. Barret went to a gospel meeting and got called to build a school in western Texas. In 1905, Barret, who was a teacher in Denton, talked to Col. J.W. Childers, who was a leader in the local church and created an agreement to buy land from him. He got it at a reduced price with the only condition that the new school be named after him. Therefore, Childers Classical Institute was born, officially opening its doors in 1906. It offered 11 secondary and primary grades and had 25 enrolled students. There were four presidents, including Barret, R.L. Whiteside, H.C. Darden, and James F. Cox.

In 1912, Jesse P. Sewel became a president, though he declined a salary, choosing to run the school as a business endeavor. With his approach in mind, the identity of the school changed and became Abilene Christian College. The campus continued growing with four new buildings, a larger administration building, and about 300 students during Sewell's final term. The school became accredited in 1914 as a junior college and then, in 1919, became a senior college.

Of course, throughout the years, Abilene Christian University became a focal point for students who wanted more than just an education. It became highly popular after World War II when they couldn't find enough housing areas. The barracks from Camp Barkeley, which had recently been deactivated, was moved to ACU Hill to provide more classrooms and living space.

In 1976, Abilene Christian College because Abilene Christian University, where they continued offering faith-based education for those who wanted to know more of Christ. While enrollment slouched for almost a decade, it rebounded in the 1990s when Dr. Royce Money was the president. ACU started attracting students from 60 nations and all 50 states and vowed to become a national leader for Christian higher education. While Dr. Money retired in 2010, it hasn't stopped ACU from adding new features and creating a beautiful place for people to learn and praise God.

Abilene Christian University Accreditation Details

Abilene Christian University holds accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSOC). They have held accreditation since December 6, 1951. They can award associate, baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral degrees.

Abilene Christian University Application Requirements

If you want to apply to Abilene Christian University, you should complete your online application, paying close attention to your specific program deadlines. You must also submit an application fee of $50 to be considered. You must also provide English transcripts from previous schools, which indicate that you have earned your master's or bachelor's degree from an accredited college. You must also have:

  • GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Academic writing sample
  • Professional CV/resume
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement of interest

Tuition and Financial Aid

As of 2018, tuition is roughly $45,150, which includes room and board, as well as up to 36 hours of fall, summer, and spring courses. The breakdown:

  • Room and Board: $10,350, though meal plans and housing rates may vary
  • Tuition and fees: $34,800, though optional fees may be included, such as mailbox fees, parking fees, and more.

ACU offers a block tuition plan, which is a flat-rate tuition plan. The goal is to help you shorten the time it takes you to earn your degree. You also save money, reduce debt amounts, and can plan for your financial future.

Most flat-rate tuition options only allow you to take up to 18 credits for each semester (fall/spring), but they allow you to take up to 36 hours of credits through the summer for one price. The fees include academic services, healthcare, technology, public safety, recreation, and more.

This block tuition feature allows you to graduate in four years with your bachelor's degree.

Financial aid is available to those who qualify and can include loans and scholarships/grants. Regardless of your family income, all students are eligible for some student aid as long as they haven't defaulted on a loan. You are encouraged to fill out your FAFSA and can do so each year on October 1. If you're unsure of how to start or want more help, you can always talk to one of their financial intake specialists.

Online Degree Available

While there are many online degree options, the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership is an excellent choice for people who want to strengthen their skills as a leader and prepare to influence others in their organization.

The program focuses on five core competencies, including:

  • Personal Development
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Resource Development
  • Organizational Culture
  • Organizational Assessment

When you have completed the program, you will know how to lead with purpose based on Christian values. Along with such, your education at Abilene Christian University is going to teach you how to integrate your calling to influence others, create and administer practices while focusing on resource management, demonstrate healthier leadership practices, and much more.

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