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Updated August 7, 2020

In 1942, Rex A. Turner, Sr., Leonard Johnson and Joe Greer became partners in what was then known as the Montgomery Bible School in Montgomery, Alabama. In 1954, the name of the school was changed to Alabama Christian College which it remained until a new corporation was formed in 1967. At that time, the college became known as Alabama Christian School of Religion.

In 1974, the Alabama Christian School of Religion and the Landmark Church of Christ partnered to purchase new facilities in Montgomery and the campus moved to the new location. In 1987, a new campus was built in Montgomery and, in 1991, the name of the school was officially changed to Southern Christian University. In an effort to demonstrate the global reach of the university, the Board of Regents voted to change the name of the institution to Amridge University in 2008.

The university is planning to expand on a new 650-acre campus with almost two miles of scenic lakefront. Students attending Amridge are a diverse blend of social and religious cultures and over 60 percent of the student body is not affiliated with the Churches of Christ. In some cases, students are experiencing their first Christian-based education.

Amridge has been providing distance education for more than 20 years and was one of the first participants in the country to be selected by the Department of Education to pilot distance education at a broad level. This pilot led to changes in federal law that allowed more students to access distance education.

All courses at Amridge University are taught online as even those taught on campus are streamed over the Internet. All faculty and staff are dedicated to providing quality education to all students, including those involved in distance learning.

Amridge University is listed as a Best Value College and a University Research and Review Military Friendly School. It has also been named one of GI Jobs Magazine Top School by Military Advanced Education Magazine. Ninety-two percent of students who graduate from Amridge in 2013 were employed and 85 percent were employed in their profession.

Amridge University Accreditation Details

Amridge University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Regional accreditation is important for incoming students as those who are transferring credit or using a degree to enter graduate school may have difficulty if they attend a non-accredited college or university. In addition, employers place a higher emphasis on degrees from regionally accredited colleges and universities.

Amridge University Application Requirements

Students who wish to apply to Amridge University should complete an online orientation where they will learn how student services and online support tools can assist them throughout their education. Students must complete an admission application and provide official transcripts from any colleges or universities attended. Some programs require a minimum GPA for admission.

Associate and bachelor's students must provide proof of high school graduation or equivalent while master's students must provide transcripts showing successful completion of a four-year degree program from a nationally accredited institution. Doctoral students must submit official transcripts showing completion of a graduate degree from an accredited institution as well as a writing sample. Doctorate candidates must also submit to an interview by faculty.

Amridge University Tuition and Financial Aid

Full-time undergraduate tuition at Amridge University is $250 per credit hour and part-time tuition is $330 per credit hour. There is also a comprehensive fee of $450 per semester for undergraduate courses. Graduate tuition is $650 per credit hour. Doctorate level programs are also $650 per credit hour.

Students who are making satisfactory academic progress are eligible for financial aid at Amridge University. Satisfactory progress is indicated by a qualifying cumulative grade point average, indication that the student is making measurable progress toward the degree completion and that the student will complete the degree in a reasonable time.

Students must complete a financial aid application and a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students are notified of financial aid via email. Students may qualify for scholarships, grants or student loans. In addition, Amridge University also offer scholarships through different programs at the university in order to make college affordable for more students.

Over 90 percent of all Amridge University students qualify for financial aid.

Amridge University Online Degrees Available

PhD in Professional Counseling

The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Professional Counseling is offered through the School of Human Services at Amridge University. The program is 60-credit hours that includes a rigorous research component. The program is not designed to prepare graduates for professional licensure as it is assumed that students who enter the program already hold a valid license. Additional courses may be required for students who are not licensed.

Students complete coursework in theories of counseling, human development as well as abuse and addiction problems. Students learn about cultural diversity and the importance of research. Some courses are in traditional class settings while others are delivered online over the internet. Amridge University provides live classroom broadcasts for the residency component of the Ph.D program which permits teacher-student interaction. The program may be completed in four years.

Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA for all courses taken at the university and pass the comprehensive examination. In addition, students must complete a dissertation after achieving candidacy status. Students may not enroll in a dissertation module until they have achieved such status. In addition, students must complete the Degree Completion Application in order to successfully complete the program. Students must defend their dissertation as well.

Graduates of the program are able to conduct original research and are able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of current research status in psychology and counseling. Graduates can recognize and classify mental disorders and develop the proper treatment plans for those disorders. In addition, students who successfully complete the program are able to demonstrate critical analysis as a scholar and practitioner by applying counseling skills and research.

Students who have barriers to continuing education often find the flexibility of distance learning more conducive to their schedule. Students who have work, home or other obligations that may prevent them from attending traditional classes will find the online courses at Amridge University to be more suitable to their needs and more flexible for them than other universities.

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