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Updated August 6, 2020

Anaheim University appears in our ranking of 10 Most Affordable Doctorate in International Business Online.

Anaheim University is a university named after the city of Anaheim, California where it has its headquarters. Founded in 1996, the university opened as a school that catered to distance education students. Though many of its students live in Anaheim and other major cities in California, it also welcomes students from other states too. The university consists of three major schools, including the Akio Morita School of Business and the Graduate School of Education. There are also three institutes that allow students to major in other subjects. Many of the institutes offer both degree programs and certificate programs.

The Akio Morita School of Business offers an online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program that is suitable for students who have both a graduate degree in business and some business experience. Students from around the world can enroll in this program and earn their degrees within a few years of study. This school also offers programs on the university's campus in Japan. Online students typically take all their classes through the university's distance education campus without visiting either California or Japan.

Anaheim University Accreditation Details

Anaheim University does not have regional accreditation, which means that students may have issues when it comes to getting financial aid. This can also affect whether students can transfer credits into one of the university's programs or transfer the credits they earned to another program. It has national accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) though. The DEAC accredits both distance education and online programs that allow students to earn their degrees without taking classes on a college campus.

Anaheim University Application Requirements

Students applying to the Anaheim University DBA program only need to complete a few steps and meet a handful of requirements. The university charges an application fee of $75 that is due at the time that an applicant submits an application. Students will use the online application form, which will ask them questions about where they earned their undergrad and graduate degrees. The application also has sections for students to list their references and contact information.

Anaheim requires that incoming DBA students have a graduate degree in business. It will only accept students who have a grad school grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Though the university does accept those who do not have a business degree, those students must still have some business experience. All students must submit transcripts from the schools they attended as well. Anaheim requires that students attend a college or university with approval from the United States Department of Education too. Their transcripts must show their grades, cumulative GPA and courses taken.

Incoming students must take at least one finance class and courses in accounting and economics before beginning the online DBA program. The university also asks for a resume that shows the student has at least five years of professional business experience. All students must also show the university that they have a stable Internet connection too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students enrolling in the Anaheim University DBA program must pay a $100 registration fee before they can sign up for classes. The university charges $1,700 for each class taken in this program. This rate includes both tuition and the fees charged by the school. Anaheim estimates that students will pay around $200 for the textbooks and other supplies that they need in their classes. The total cost of finishing this program is around $35,000.

Though students cannot apply for financial aid from the federal government because the university does not have regional accreditation, they can apply for financial aid through the school itself. Anaheim has financial aid counselors who can help students better understand their total costs and what they can do to pay those costs. Many students opt for payment plans that allow them to make convenient payments during the school year. The university will accept tuition reimbursement plans too.

Both graduate and doctoral students taking classes online can apply for student loans also. Alternative student loans are available from several different lenders. Those lenders allow students to apply for loans on their own or with a cosigner. Students will find that the interest charged on their loans varies based on their credit scores.

DBA in International Business

Anaheim University offers one of the only Doctor of Business Administration online programs that has a concentration available in international business. Designed for those who already have some business experience, this program prepares students for handling international conflicts and other issues. The courses in this program run for around six weeks, which helps students complete their requirements faster. The university will provide students with a course schedule when they first enroll. This schedule shows a list of the classes they must take and lets them know when those courses are available throughout the year.

Students must take six foundation courses and four international business classes. The program features foundation courses such as International and Multinational Marketing and Business Analytics. International Supply Chain Management is a required course that looks at all links in the supply chain, while Leadership in Global and Multicultural Organizations is a course that focuses on the leadership roles that students will take on in the field. The international business core features classes such as International Financial Management and Ethics in Business Management.

DBA candidates must also take electives in areas such as management, sustainable management and entrepreneurship. The university requires that students take one course from at least two of these areas. Students also have the option of picking a concentration in one of those areas rather than focusing on international business. They can take classes that include Create Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development and Change Management, Human Resource Management and Sustainable Accounting Management.

To earn a doctoral degree from the university, a student must also complete a dissertation. Students will take Writing the Doctoral Dissertation Proposal to learn how to come up with a topic and write a proposal that they submit to the university. Doctoral Dissertation Mentoring and Literature Search is another required course that prepares students for doing research on the topics they chose. This course also requires that they work with a mentor on their dissertations. Students also receive credit when they complete their dissertation work. Anaheim University allows students to use online resources and resources available in their areas in their dissertations.

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