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Updated August 7, 2020

Antioch University is the name given to a chain of college campuses and branches of colleges located across the country. The university can trace its roots back to Antioch College in Ohio, which slowly acquired other college campuses. It originally allowed students to take classes pass or fail with no grades given and encouraged students to study science and similar subjects while also taking liberal arts classes. Antioch was one of the first American colleges to admit both women and minority students in equal numbers. Though the original university later split off from this system, there are still five campuses operating under this name.

There is now an Antioch University New England in New Hampshire, Antioch University Los Angeles, Antioch University Midwest in Ohio, Antioch University Seattle and Antioch University Santa Barbara. All campuses use the same study abroad program that lets students learn about international business and other subjects while studying in a foreign country. Though all campuses offer some of the same programs, each one has the right to develop its own degree programs and establish requirements for each one. Antioch University now offers a small number of online classes too through some of its campuses.

Accreditation Details

The Higher Learning Commission is one of the main accrediting organizations operating in the United States today. While you might hear about the dangers of national accreditation, you can rest assured that the HLC offers regional accreditation. Though it is a national organization, it has regional branches in several parts of the country. Each of those branches accredited one of the colleges operating under the Antioch University name. As each of those campuses has the right to seek its own accreditation, you should check with the one you want to attend for any specialty accreditation. Some campuses have accreditation from professional organizations like the American Psychological Association, Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology, Inc., American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy or National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Application Requirements

Antioch University encourages students to sign up for a campus tour before applying. Taking one of these tours lets you see other students taking classes, meet with professors and even visit different departments. You can also attend one of its information sessions to learn tips on applying, and the university offers prospective students the chance to sit in on classes too.

Applying for admissions starts with the online application. You must sign up for a free account first. The university will send a message to your registered email address to verify it is correct before you can proceed. You need to provide the university with your name and other identifying information, including your social security number and date of birth. It then asks for the names of any colleges you attended, info about your professional experience, your grades and whether you took a graduate admissions test. Though there is a $50 application fee, the university will waive this fee for any student who attended one of its information sessions.

The only other main requirement is an official college transcript. Though you can submit an official transcript as part of your application, the university requires a full transcript before you can start classes. It must contain the name of your university on it and show that you fulfilled the requirements for completing a bachelor's degree. Depending on the program you want to study, you may need to meet other requirements too. Some departments ask for a resume, and others will ask for letters of recommendation and/or a personal essay.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of taking graduate classes through Antioch University depends on the department itself. Its education department charges rates of around $600 per credit hour. Those enrolling in an MBA program face costs of closer to $900 per credit hour. It also depends on which campus you take classes on. Antioch University New England charges a little more per class than the Antioch University Santa Barbara campus does. Students enrolled in one of the MBA programs will usually pay between $30,000 and $35,000 for their studies. It may cost you less because of the credits the university awards you for your professional experience.

All Antioch University campuses award students financial aid packages, but you must complete and submit the FAFSA. Loans are among the more common types of financial aid awarded to graduate students. Federal Direct Loans require that you complete exit counseling before you graduate and suspend or freeze the interest charged on the loan until you graduate. With unsubsidized loans, interest accumulates from the moment you receive your money. Antioch University grad students can also apply for graduate PLUS loans from the federal government and alternative loans from private lenders.

Online Degrees

Management & Leadership

Earning your Master of Business Administration is the best way to develop the strong management and leadership skills that you need as a business owner or hiring manager. Antioch University offers flexible MBA programs designed to help busy students fulfill all their work and personal commitments at the same time that they work on their degrees. One of the concentrations available is in nonprofit management and strategic leadership. The Santa Barbara campus offers a program that lets you take most classes online, but it does require that you attend sessions on campus at least four times a semester. This program includes 36 credits of classes, including marketing and communication strategy, legal and ethical issues, international trade and economics and financing through fundraising. You'll also complete several labs and a final project online.

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Antioch University Midwest, which has a campus in Yellow Springs that is close to the original Antioch, offers a Master of Arts in Management and Change Leadership that may benefit you as much as an MBA program does. Though you can take most classes online, you must attend a few residency sessions during your studies. The university offers these sessions in locations all across Ohio. This program requires that you either take a capstone class or do a thesis, and it includes 36 total credits of work. Classes available in the MA in Management and Change Leadership program at Antioch University include foundations in management and change leadership, group and team development, critical thinking in the 21st century and organizational behavior.

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