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Updated September 28, 2022
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Boise State University appears in our ranking of the 10 Most Affordable Doctorate in Educational Technology Online.

Boise State University has a long history of educating students in Idaho and those who come from other states. Established in 1932, it ranks as one of the state's oldest schools. Though it originally had an affiliation with the Episcopal Church, the school split off from that Church and became a junior college in later years. As the need for a school in Boise grew, it became a full university. It offers degrees at the undergrad level and many degrees for doctoral and graduate students.

The BSU campus now sits near downtown Boise. This campus is home to more than 170 acres and features a number of both historic and modern buildings. It also offers classes on a campus built on an Air Force base that allows military students to work on their degrees. A large number of students take classes online through BSU too. It has an enrollment of more than 24,000 students across all three levels. Though traditional students have access to opportunities and special events like the university's lecture series, online students have the option of completing their degrees while living anywhere in or outside of Idaho.

Boise State University Accreditation Details

BSU has regional accreditation from the NCCU, which is responsible for accrediting college and university campuses in the northwest United States. Its educational technology program has accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation (CATP), which is one of the main accrediting organizations for education programs. Other degree programs offered by the university have some special accreditation too.

Boise State University Application Requirements

The educational technology program that Boise State University offers is a cohort program. BSU has an early admissions/priority deadline of November 2nd, but it will accept applications until February 2nd. If there are any spots remaining in the program, it will accept applications received later in the year. Students should submit all required work prior to one of these deadlines to ensure that they have a chance at getting into the program. Cohorts typically meet in May and begin working together. Students will remain in the same groups as they work through the program.

This is a highly competitive program, which is why BSU has some requirements that students must meet. It looks for those who maintained an undergrad grade point average of at least 3.0 and a graduate GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students must take the GRE and submit their official scores. The university will look at the scores received on the three major areas of the test. It looks for those who scored in at least the 33rd percentile. Students should also have some experience in educational technology. Though the university will accept students who do not meet all of these requirements, those who meet more requirements have a better chance of getting an acceptance letter.

Boise State also asks for letters of recommendation. At least one letter should come from a professor or someone who worked with the student in college. This letter must explain why the student would be a good fit and why the individual would do well in a doctoral program. All students must submit a resume and a cover letter too. They can submit some forms online at the same time that they submit their full applications. BSU usually accepts up to 14 students into this program every year.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students enrolled in the educational technology program and other doctoral programs will take both 500-level classes and classes at the 600-level. The university charges different rates based on the level of the class. Those at the 500-level cost around $1,300, while those at the 600-level cost around $1,640. The university does not charge a nonresident rate for students living in other states. It also does not charge a per credit hour rate like other students do. It charges one rate per class, which makes it easier for students to figure out their annual costs.

Full-time students take nine or more credits each semester, but half-time students who take at least five credit hours in a semester can qualify for financial aid. All students will complete and submit the FAFSA online and use the school code for Boise State University. Once BSU receives the FAFSA, it will determine the total amount of financial help that a student needs and create a financial aid for that student.

Graduate and doctoral students qualify for both graduate PLUS loans and unsubsidized student loans. PLUS loans are available for students who have a good credit history. These loans have a fixed interest rate and help students bridge the gap between the federal loans they receive and the total amount that they need. Students can also borrow up to $20,500 per year from the government in the form of student loans. These loans typically build up interest while the students are in school, while PLUS loans defer interest until a later date.

Online Ed.D. in Educational Technology

The educational technology doctoral program at Boise State University allows students to learn about new forms of technology and use different forms of technology in the educational field. Though some students will later develop the technology that teachers use, others will simply learn how to use tech in a classroom. This program requires that students do a lot of research and that they take at least 66 credits of classes. The university will accept up to 33 credits earned at another university.

Students will take a foundations core that is worth 15 credits. This core includes classes like Emerging Trends in Educational Technology, Project Management in Educational Settings and Leadership in Educational Technology. The university also requires that students take a class called Doctoral Studies Orientation that goes over what they need to do in the program. They'll take research classes that include Research in Educational Technology, Quantitative Research Methods and Introduction to Statistics for Educational Technology too.

Boise State University students will earn 11 credits for their dissertation work. Though they can pick their own topics and fields to study, they must get approval from the university to work around that subject. After completing a set number of classes, students will take a comprehensive examination that takes around one hour to finish. Students who pass this exam become Boise State University doctoral candidates instead of just being doctoral students.

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