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Updated August 6, 2020

The City University of Seattle is a private college in Seattle that offers opportunities for nontraditional and traditional students. Founded in 1973, it is one of the newer colleges in the Pacific Northwest. Its founder raised money to build a new school that would offer opportunities specifically for nontraditional students. Many of its first students were working professionals who wanted to go back to school. It slowly changed its curriculum to include more traditional programs that led to a growth in its enrollment. Though many working adults still attend the university today, some students enroll immediately after finishing high school.

Often called CityU, the university now has partnerships with a number of campuses across the country and in Washington. Those schools allow students to take classes that will count towards one of the university's degree programs. The university operates campuses in seven countries outside of the United States, including Vietnam, Mexico, Switzerland and Canada. Those campuses give CityU students the chance to study abroad too. U.S. News & World Report ranked the university at number six on its list of the top online programs in 2018. The City University of Seattle has an enrollment of more than 6,000 students and an alumni network of more than 50,000 people.

City University of Seattle Accreditation Details

The City University of Seattle has regional and institutional accreditation from the NCCU, which is the main accrediting body for the northwest United States. Doctoral students can transfer credits they earned from another college with regional accreditation into one of the university's programs to reduce the total number of classes they will later take. Regional accreditation also allows them to apply for the financial aid that they need. Its School of Management also has accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), which applies to all its degree programs. Its project management and information systems have accreditation also.

City University of Seattle Application Requirements

CityU encourages students to find out more about any of its programs before they submit an application. Students can fill out a simple form on its website to request more information about a program. This lets them know how much it will cost, what types of financial aid they can use and what they need to do to finish the program. The university will also pair prospective students with advisers. Their advisers can give them even more information and answer any of their questions.

The application process begins with the online application itself. Students will pay the $50 fee when they submit theirs. Each section of the application asks for different types of information. They will need to share where they earned their undergrad and graduate degrees and the dates that they completed those degrees. The application also asks for the student's full name and date of birth as well as a social security number. CityU then asks students to request that their former schools mail official transcripts to its Seattle campus. Certain programs may ask for letters of recommendation or a resume, and some programs may also require a writing sample and an official GRE or GMAT score.

City University of Seattle Tuition and Financial Aid

All the business and management programs that CityU offers are available through its School of Management. This school charges $742 per credit hour for all doctoral courses. The university charges the same rate for both Washington residents and nonresidents. When students begin working on their dissertations, they pay $1,150 for each course that they take instead of paying a rate based on credit hours. Students will take multiple courses as they conduct research and then begin writing their dissertations. Due to the close proximity of the campus to Canada, it offers different rates for students from that country.

CityU does not offer the fellowships for doctoral students like other colleges do, but it does offer a variety of scholarships for incoming students. Its merit scholarships only go to students who maintained high grade point averages in their undergrad courses. The university also offers need scholarships for students who have a higher financial need than others do. It will determine who receives these loans based on the information that students shared on their FAFSA forms. Filling out the FAFSA can also help students qualify for federal loans. Doctoral students can apply for private loans as well.

DBA in Finance

The City University of Seattle designed a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) for working professionals who want a convenient way to earn an advanced degree. In announced changes in 2017 that both lowered the cost of completing this program and reduced the amount of time it takes for students to finish their studies. Students can now graduate in four years or less. More than 90 percent of the graduates of this program reported that they were satisfied with the university.

CityU gives students the freedom to complete this program online or on its Seattle campus. Many students take classes both online and on the campus, and some students also take classes on one of its international campuses. They learn how to analyze data given to them, design projects and experiments and make decisions based on all the information they have. All incoming students must take Introduction to the Doctoral Program before beginning. This class is worth one credit and goes over what the university expects of them.

Those enrolled in the online program will complete three residency phases. Each residency allows students to meet with their advisers and go over their thesis work. They will get help deciding on a topic, designing their dissertations, examining the information on that topic and putting the dissertation together. Students can also get help preparing for the thesis defense. Traditional students can meet with their advisors whenever they need.

Earning a DBA in Finance also requires that students take the six classes that make up the business core. Those courses include Business Process Analysis and Strategic Management, Organizational Identity and Culture and Organizational Development Theories and Trends. They'll also take five courses that are worth 15 credits total that make up the research core. These classes, which include Research Design and Research Fundamentals, help students develop the research skills they need to complete the dissertation requirement. The City University of Seattle also awards students up to 18 credits for their dissertation work and the defense of their work.

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