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Updated August 6, 2020

The college campus now known as Concordia University Chicago actually dates back to the middle of the 19th century. Two Lutheran ministers opened a small teaching school to train Lutheran teachers. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod then took over the school and moved it to Indiana to merge it with a small seminary. The school moved several more times before settling in Illinois and becoming the Concordia Teachers' Seminary. It also served as Concordia Teachers' College. Now called Concordia University Chicago, it is the oldest campus in the school system of the same name, which the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod still operates.

Concordia University Chicago still offers one of the best education and teaching programs in the nation, but it also offers classes in business, music, social work and other subjects. Though some of its students work in churches and for religious organizations, others work in the secular world. U.S. News & World Report, which releases lists of the top American colleges and regional schools, ranked CU at number 75 on its list of Midwestern colleges. It has a 40-acre campus in River Forest, Illinois and also operates an online campus for students who want to take classes from home.

Accreditation Details

Looking at regional accreditation is especially helpful when picking a grad school. This shows you that the degree you earned from a similarly accredited college will help you in that program and that the grad program itself will better prepare you for the future. It's also important among those who need financial aid for college. Concordia University Chicago has both regional accreditation and something called specialized accreditation. Regional accreditation comes from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS). This lets you apply for financial aid and get assistance from the government as well as transfer college credits. Its specialized accreditation applies to its programs in teacher education, music and counseling. Specialized accreditation comes from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, National Association of Schools of Music and Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.

Application Requirements

The management and leadership programs available from Concordia University Chicago are at the graduate level, which means that you need to fill out the graduate application. When you visit the admissions website, you'll need to select the program you want to enroll in from a long list. This takes you to the specific application for that program. You must provide a home phone number, cell number, name, current address and email address. It also asks how you want to study. You can take online classes, enroll in a cohort program, sign up for a certificate program, audit classes or enroll full-time on its campus.

Concordia University Chicago also includes educational and professional experience sections on its application. You need to list all colleges that you attended, even if you only took one class and did not graduate. It also asks for your cumulative grade point average earned in your bachelor's program. The professional experience section simply asks for the name and dates of your past employers.

The last section on the application is an objective statement. You need to write a short essay that describes your future goals, list your career objectives and explains why you selected Concordia University Chicago for grad school. The university also asks for an official college transcript that should match the information you provided on your application, especially in regards to your GPA and degree earned. Though it does not ask for test scores, your program may require several letters of recommendation.

Tuition and Financial Aid

As a graduate student at Concordia University Chicago, you'll pay a little over $14,000 a year for both tuition and all miscellaneous fees. This equals out to a per credit rate of just under $600. Though the university does charge more for nonresidents, who are students not living in Illinois, it only adds around $300 to your annual costs. To qualify for resident tuition rates, you must supply the university with proof that you lived in Illinois for at least 12 months before starting classes. You'll face additional costs for textbooks, transportation costs and other expenses.

Filling out the FAFSA is the best way to learn more about financial aid. You'll use either your tax return or the return filed by your parents. The university uses that information to determine how much you can afford to spend on college and how much help you still need. The government offers unsubsidized loans for grad students that can cover many of your costs. You may receive some grants too. If you need more help, you can apply for private student loans on your own or with a co-signer. Concordia University Chicago can also provide you with information on scholarship opportunities.

Online Degrees

Management and Leadership in Business

CU offers an MBA program with several specializations available. One of its more popular options is its MBA in Leadership and Change Management. The university offers its MBA as an accelerated program that students finish in one year or as a traditional MBA program that takes two years to finish. The accelerated program includes shorter classes and more intensive learning.

Both programs include 11 core business courses that tackle topics like financial management, statistics for managers, economics for managers and organizational behavior. You must also take a capstone course during your final semester. This course consists of multiple projects and assignments that you'll complete to build your own portfolio. The program also includes four courses on leadership and change management: leader development, leadership communication, agents of change and the leader as a mentor.

The university offers several other management programs through other departments, including a degree in knowledge management leadership and one in grant writing, management and evaluation. These programs are better suited for those working in educational fields. You'll take classes on managing and maintaining classroom settings and working with students of different ages.

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MBA certificates that you can earn while working on your degree are available in health care management, sports management and nonprofit management. Concordia University Chicago also has an associate's program in organizational management and offers several bachelor's programs in health care management, organizational management, sports and recreation management and management information systems for undergrad students.

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