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Updated August 7, 2020

The term Ivy League applies to the top schools in the nation. Just eight college comprise that group, and most of those colleges are on the East Coast. When most think of Ivy League schools, they immediately think of Harvard University. Founded in 1636, it is the oldest college and oldest continually operating college in the country. Though it now offers several satellite campuses and an active online system, many know Harvard as one of the nation's most selective institutions of higher learning. Less than six percent of students who apply every year receive an acceptance letter.

The selective nature of the school is part of what made it one of the highest ranked schools in the world. ARWU named Harvard the number one best university in the United States and in the entire world. Forbes, Washington Monthly and U.S. News and World Report all ranked it within the top 10 schools in the country as well. Harvard also found itself ranked as the second best school in the world by Times and the fourth best school in the world by QS. Students with degrees from Harvard have more opportunities because of the university's active alumni network and typically earn more than those who graduated from other colleges make.

Harvard University Accreditation Details

Few people doubt that Harvard University has accreditation. It received accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges' (NEASC) Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. The university itself points out that accreditation is an important process, because it shows that an institution meets the standards imposed by an educational organization. Like other institutions, Harvard spends one year or more preparing for an upcoming review by that organization. It brings together students and faculty to talk about the accreditation process, find answers to commonly asked questions and ensure that they are ready for any questions asked or information demanded by the organization. Harvard last received accreditation in 2013 and expects to go through a review of its accreditation in 2017.

Like many other colleges, Harvard also has accreditation for some of its specific programs. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, also known as the AACSB, accredits all of the business programs offered by the university. Harvard has a large business school that awards undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, finance, accounting, management and similar fields. Students can also browse the Harvard website or contact the different departments within the university with questions they have about its accreditation.

Harvard University Application Requirements

Harvard offers both traditional acceptance and early acceptance. The only difference between the two is the deadline. Those applying for early acceptance must complete the application before November, and the college will inform them of its decision before Christmas. The deadline for traditional enrollment is later in the spring. Though many people think that the university only accepts students with perfect grade point averages and high test scores, Harvard looks for well rounded students who have good grades and experience outside of the classroom. Applicants with a long history of volunteering, high grades and good references have a better chance of acceptance than someone with just high grades and test scores.

In addition to completing an application and paying a $75 application fee, which the university will waive for financial reasons, students must also take and submit scores from the ACT or SAT with writing portion and two SAT subject tests. Harvard also requires that students submit a report compiled by a teacher, a high school transcript and performance reviews in the middle of the year and at the end of the year. The university can rescind its offer of acceptance to students who receive lower grades later in the year after applying.

Tuition and Fees

One of the big questions that students have is how much Harvard costs. The university charges yearly tuition rates of around $46,000. Students living on campus can expect to pay an additional $15,000 or more for room and road, which brings the total cost up to more than $60,000 a year. Supplies and expenses can add more than $1,000 to that total cost every year too. Harvard works hard to assist in students in paying for college and encourages students to work with the financial aid department after receiving an acceptance letter. Students who come from families who make $65,000 or less each year are not responsible for paying any tuition costs out of pocket.

Harvard offers a number of merit scholarships for its students. Instead of looking at the grades or test scores of students, Harvard only considers the financial need that students demonstrate. The university also has a number of student jobs on campus that can help students pay for any additional expenses. If students still need extra money for school, Harvard will find and identify financial aid programs that give students the money they need. Students can graduate from Harvard without worrying about high interest students loans that they need to pay back.

Business Degree Programs

Graduating from Harvard Business School provides students with more opportunities than they would find after graduating from any school in the country. Harvard has an extensive alumni network and works hard to pair current students with former students. Alumni networking events allow students to find companies willing to give them internships and former students who have full time and part time jobs available. Harvard encourages all its business students to do at least one internship to gain some valuable experience before they graduate.

The MBA program at Harvard received recognition as one of the most popular programs of its type in the world. All students applying for the program must complete a statement of introduction that allows them to tell professors and advisers working in the business school why they are a good fit for that department. Students must also have an undergraduate business degree and show some experience outside of the classroom when they apply. Harvard also offers a Ph.D. program, and some of its graduates now work in the top business schools in the world. Students at all levels can choose concentrations in accounting, marketing, finance and other subjects, but they'll also learn general knowledge about the business world. Harvard University and Harvard Business School both rank among the world's best schools.

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