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Updated October 2, 2020

Located in the small town of Newton, Massachusetts, Lasell College is a private college that is less than 10 miles from Boston. A local college professor founded the college as a female seminary in 1851. It quickly became one of the premier colleges for women in the nation. The students were so impressive that other colleges attempted to bribe students into leaving. Though the college initially provided women with resources designed to help them be better wives and mothers, it later introduced a series of certificate and diploma programs before changing to a degree program layout. The college gained the right to offer graduate programs in 2002.

Unlike other colleges that follow a liberal arts method of education, Lasell College offers both liberal arts programs and professional programs. Its professional programs allow students to gain skills needed to work in professional fields like the law. Lasell also offers a popular fashion program that includes courses in design, production and merchandising. Students have the chance to show off some of their creations during the annual fashion show each spring. One of its former fashion students even appeared on the hit television show "Project Runway." Though Lasell does not rank on a national level, it has a strong reputation among Massachusetts students,

Accreditation Details

Lasell College has specialty accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs for its degree program in exercise science. This program includes elements of health, nutrition, exercise, fitness and kinesiology. It teaches students how the human body works, what the body does with the foods that it ingests and the problems associated with certain injuries. Its accreditation also applies to the internships and fieldwork experiences that students must do. Though the college doesn't have any other specialty accreditation, it does have regional accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). NEASC accreditation lets students know that the college hires experienced professors and that graduates learn necessary and practical job skills.

Application Requirements

The graduate programs offered by Lasell College are suitable for those who have more professional experience and those hoping to earn a graduate degree immediately after finishing college. All students must file the online application. This application features several sections that ask about the college the student attended, the student's three most recent employers, the program he or she wants to enroll in and demographic information. Students can fill out the application in 30 minutes or less, and the college does not charge an application fee.

Students must submit an official college transcript and send that transcript to the Office of Graduate Enrollment. Those with more experience may receive an acceptance letter with a lower grade point average, but the college will only admit students who have less than three years of experience if the student has a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. They must also provide two letters of recommendation. Lasell recommends that students ask employers and former college professors to write those letters. While the college does not require a test score, it does ask for a personal statement. This statement should be no longer than a single page and address subjects like career goals, why the student thinks he or she will do well in graduate school and any strengths the student has.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Lasell ranks within the top 25% of the most affordable colleges in Massachusetts. Despite delivering students a high-quality experience, it strives to keep costs down and to reduce the tuition increases associated with other colleges. Tuition for graduate students starts at under $600 per credit hour. The fees charged by the college increase that rate to around $635 per credit hour. The college requires that all graduate students have health insurance. Those who do not have insurance can purchase a policy through the college for less than $2,000. Students changing their class schedules and those who add or drop classes are subject to additional fees.

Immediately after receiving an acceptance letter, students should check with Lasell regarding scholarship opportunities. Many of its scholarships come from alumni and can cover the total cost of a student's tuition. Other scholarships are available to students who maintained a high GPA in college. Federal student loans award graduate students with more than $20,000 a year, and students may qualify for state grants as well. Lasell can also help students find and apply for private loans. Those who need more time to pay for college can apply for one of the school's financing options. It offers low monthly payment plans that let students start classes and pay for a semester's tuition over multiple months.

MS in Management: Human Resources Management

Lasell College offers an MS in Management: Human Resources Management through its Graduate & Professional Studies Department. This is one of just several concentrations available in this subject. Students can also select a concentration in hospitality, elder care, marketing, nonprofit or project management. Elder care management deals specifically with the issues facing retirement home and nursing home managers, including following the Affordable Care Act, training new workers and caring for long-term patients. The hospitality management program is great for those who want to work in national parks, restaurants, hotels and other attractions. Each of the concentrations available prepares students for working in a specific area of management.

The human resources management program is best for those who want to work for major corporations and for nonprofit groups. Though the program consists of 12 classes that are worth 36 credits, those courses come from different areas. Six of the credits that students earn come from electives, and many students take electives in writing or communications that will help them write memos and communicate with workers on the job. Nine credits come from the three required human resources classes on conflict resolution, HR law and HR management.

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Students must also take 21 credits worth of management classes. These classes teach them effective ways of working with and managing others. Students also do an internship or a capstone project during their final terms. Lasell College gives management students the option of either working in the field to gain more experience or doing a final project that relates to their management studies and any professional work they did.

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