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Updated August 7, 2020

Luther Rice College and Seminary appears in the ranking of the 10 Most Affordable Doctorate in Ministry Degrees Online.

Luther Rice College and Seminary is one of the top private colleges in Georgia. Established in 1962 as a new school for ministers and other religious leaders, it wanted to provide its students with an alternative to traditional college programs. It focused primarily on distance education programs that students could complete without moving away from their homes and churches. Though founded in Jacksonville, Florida, the school later moved to Georgia where it had more space to grow.

One unique feature of the college today is how it offers all its programs. Students can enroll in traditional programs and take classes on its campus outside of Atlanta. They also have the option of enrolling in any degree program in an online format. The online campus replaced the older distance learning programs once offered. Luther Rice College and Seminary now offers five bachelor's programs, four graduate programs and three seminary programs. It has an enrollment of 1,300 students across all those programs.

Luther Rice College and Seminary Accreditation Details

Luther Rice College and Seminary has national accreditation from both the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TACCS) and the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). It does not have regional accreditation, which means that students may have issues obtaining the financial aid that they need. This can also make it difficult for students to transfer credits to or from the college.

Luther Rice College and Seminary Application Requirements

Luther Rice streamlined the application process to make it easier for any student to apply. There are really just four steps that students must complete. The process starts with the online application, which has a $50 attached fee. It takes most students less than an hour to fill out the application. They will then submit official transcripts to the college. Luther Rice will accept transcripts sent through the mail or those emailed by an institution. Students must also take a Bible Content Test that asks them questions about the Bible. The college uses a student's grades to determine if he or she should enter the doctoral ministry program. It will not affect the college's decision in regards to students applying to other programs.

The last step is the submission of a Christian Character Reference form. Students must print out this form and give it to a religious leader to fill out. That individual will then mail the form back to the college. Luther Rice uses the character form to determine if a student meets the guidelines it established. After submitting all forms and requirements, students can apply for financial aid and view a standard course schedule. Students applying to any program will complete the same steps.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students attending Luther Rice College and Seminary can save money because the college offers low tuition rates. It actually ranks within the top 10 percent of most affordable schools in the country. Students pay $238 per credit hour to take classes on its campus or $284 per credit hour to take classes online as undergrads. All undergrads must also pay a $100 technology fee. Graduate students also pay $238 per credit hour for classes taken on the college campus, but they pay $274 per credit hour for all the online classes they take. Both graduate and doctoral students will pay the same technology fees. Luther Rice College and Seminary charges just $327 per credit hour for all doctoral students.

Though students attending this college can submit the FAFSA, there is no guarantee that they will get federal financial aid because the institution lacks regional accreditation. Federal financial aid includes grants and loans. The college has its own tuition assistance program for students who have higher financial needs. This program requires that students fill out forms to show their assets and income. Those accepted into the program will receive awards that drop their tuition costs down. It can even cut those costs in half.

Luther Rice College and Seminary also offers help for military students. Those students qualify for a waiver that covers the application fee. They can also qualify for scholarships and use their GI Bill benefits. If an enrolled student receives new enlistment orders and must go back on duty, the college will refund all the money they paid towards their tuition and fees. The college also accepts sponsors such as churches and individuals who agree to pay some or all of a student's costs. It requests that sponsors fill out a form and submit it back to the college. Students also have the option of using external scholarships and private student loans.

Online Degrees Available

The most popular online program available from this college is its Doctor of Ministry. It features four courses that make up the ministry core and a handful of other classes. Students must take these four classes on the college's campus and spend a week working with their professors and peers. All of the remaining classes are available online. Those classes include Research and Writing for Ministry, Critical Issues in Ministry, Contemporary Preaching and Contemporary Leadership and Development. Students must score high on the Bible Content Test and submit an entrance paper of at least 10 pages to apply to this program.

Luther Rice offers several graduate programs that students can complete online in less than two months. One of those programs is a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling that teaches students how to use their faith and beliefs when working with patients. This program features 36 credits that include courses such as Crisis Counseling and Pastoral Care, Introduction to Psychology and Counseling Theories and Marriage and Family Counseling. It also includes a Biblical Counseling Practicum that requires students to work with actual patients. The college offers other graduate programs in Ministry, Leadership, Christian Studies and Apologetics.

Undergrads can also enroll in an online program and earn a degree without visiting the Luther Rice campus. The Christian Worldview program teaches students how to look at the world through the eyes of others. Students must take three classes that make up the Christian Service Preparation core and take general education requirements. They'll also take 14 Biblical Studies courses and five Christian Worldview classes, including Introduction to Christian Thought and Defending the Christian Faith. Luther Rice College and Seminary offers online programs for undergrads in Biblical Counseling and Ministry too.

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