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Updated August 6, 2020

Ohio University, around since 1808, is one of the country's leading schools for engineering. It was opened with just one building in the beginning and has continued to grow for decades, receiving multiple achievements and has passed dozens of milestones for not only the college, but for the country as well. A few of their greatest achievements that helped America move forward as a country are having one of the first two graduates of the college become a senator, having the third black man in the country to graduate college attend Ohio University, and even had international alumnus.

This college has dozens of symbols representing important events, such as authority, athletic ability, and heritage. The most important symbols of these amazing qualities are the university ring, seal, and mace. For authority, the mace was chosen because of the battle weapon that was used in the past that represented the rank among fighters so it was then adopted by the college to bring light to the importance of authority. The mascot was then adopted in 1925 to bring forth the fact that athletic ability is important to Ohio University and that athletics can bring people together and be very beneficial to the students. The final important symbol is the university's seal. The seal itself has a shield, 17 arrows for the mark of Ohio joining the Union, and wheat to represent the overall heritage of the school and the state.

Accreditation Details

Ohio University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is accredited for the school as a whole, rather than just a few select classes, including any online classes. Higher Learning Commissions offers three different pathways to choose from, the Standard Pathway, Open Pathway, and the Academic Quality Improvement Program. Ohio University chose the Academic Quality Improvement Pathway and has been following it since 2002.

Application Requirements

Ohio University's application process is simple and straightforward. If you would like to submit an application online, then you must make an account, then simply fill it out and submit it to the university. If you would like to fill out a paper copy of the application, then it is available for download and printing; you will need to send it in to the address listed on their website. There is an application fee that is required and that can be payed electronically if you are submitting an online application or you can send it along with your paper application as a money order or check. If you are applying for a traditional student, then your application fee will be $50 but if you are wanting to do an online program, then it will only be $25.

Next, there is a Counselor Information Form that needs to be filled out by your school's guidance counselor and turned in to the university. This should be sent in along with your high school transcript and any college credit that you may have taken.

A very crucial step that you need to remember to do is submit a request to have your ACT and SAT scores be sent to Ohio University. These are not always required if you have been out of high school for more than one year but it can still be requested by Undergraduate Admissions.

If you would like to submit any additional materials, such as an essay, letters of recommendation, or a list of all of the activities or interests that you had during school, then you can do that by looking at the Application Instructions to find out where would be the best place to submit those pieces of information. This step is normally optional, though they can sometimes be requested depending on the program

Tuition and Financial Aid

For the school year 2016-2017 at Ohio University, the cost of tuition is $11,548 for an in-state student and $20,512 for an out of state student. Room and board typically is about $10,864, but this can vary depending on which dorms you stay in. Some other expenses are books and other necessary supplies, which is about $990 and other various expenses can run up to $3,092.

There are payment plans available to pay off all of these expenses. You have the option to pay with a credit card, do an installment plan, or speak to a finance company about getting a loan.

Financial aid is available to all students that attend Ohio University. Over 83 percent of freshman have applied for financial aid through Ohio University, and over 75 percent of all freshman need some type of financial aid. Students are advised to complete the FAFSA prior to applying for financial aid, as this is the form that Ohio University uses to determine student need.

Some of Ohio University's biggest, most popular scholarships are the OHIO Achievement Scholarship, the OHIO Distinction Scholarship, OHIO Focus Award, OHIO Premier Scholarship, OHIO Promise Scholarship, OHIO Pathway Scholarship, OHIO Pathway Award, OHIO Russ Impact Scholarship, and the OHIO Trustee Award. A good majority of these scholarships are renewable for up to four years and all of the amounts of financial aid that is offered vary based upon which scholarship you receive.

You also have the option to get outside scholarships; you just need to turn them in to your school so that they can be added to your financial aid package. These can be earned online, in school, or through businesses.

Online Degrees Available

Students don't have to be traditional students to go to Ohio University. Online programs are offered for those who may need a little more flexibility in their schedule with school and other life responsibilities. Students have the option to get minors, certificates, honors and scholars programs, and have the ability to study abroad all along with getting their degree like normal students.

Through Ohio University's Engineering School, many of the programs are available for online students. Some degrees available would be technical and applied studies and technical operations management.

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Students especially interested in the online engineering school should look into attending Ohio University for their outstanding opportunities.

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