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Updated August 7, 2020

This program appears in our ranking of the 20 Most Affordable Private Colleges for Master's in Nursing Administration Online Degree Programs 2017.

Saint Joseph's College of Maine is a private, Roman Catholic liberal arts college that is located in Standish, Maine. It holds the distinction of being the only college in Maine that is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Students at this college are treated to both traditional and online degrees; there are over 40 majors available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The school's virtual portal, known as Saint Joseph's College online, boasts a student body of 2,400 students from all 50 states and nine different countries. The school is also a member of the International Student Exchange Program, enabling the school to offer study abroad options at 265 colleges and universities in 37 different countries.

Saint Joseph's, as the school is known to students and faculty, was founded in 1912 by the religious order the Sisters of Mercy. It was originally intended as an institution for women; the school was located on the grounds of a convent until the school moved to the current lakeside location on which it stands today. In 1970, the school became a coeducational institution and in that same decade began their reputation for designing and conferring distance education programs for working adults.

Saint Joseph's College of Main Accreditation Details

This school is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, which is a non-governmental accrediting body that is recognized nationwide. It has held this distinction for decades and continues to reaffirm its accreditation every seven years. The school is dedicated to ensuring that all of its programs adhere to the guidelines set forth by NEASC and continues to update its curriculum, program requirements, and graduation requirements every year.

SJC, as the school is known to faculty and students, also holds accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education for its undergraduate and graduate levels. This accreditation is important for students who wish to continue their studies at the postgraduate or doctoral levels. It also enables students to pursue advanced nursing licensure after graduation.

Saint Joseph's College of Maine Application Requirements

Like many schools, SJC has some common application requirements. These are to ensure a standard of quality among applicants. It also serves as a way to let students who don't meet the requirements understand that the program may not be for them because it may be considered too rigorous or demanding for them. Some of the application requirements include:

  • College transcripts providing evidence of a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university
  • Three professional letters of recommendation
  • Personal Essay
  • Resume
  • Interviews are highly encouraged but not required
  • Application fee — varies depending on whether a student uses the Common Application or the SJC Application

Online programs are different in some respects, especially at the graduate level. This is because the school is known for conferring a variety of professional programs, which all come with different requirements. Here are some of the most common online graduate application requirements:

  • Evidence of an undergraduate degree in the same or related field as the graduate program
  • Licensure or credential in good standing, should the field require it
  • GRE or MAT scores
  • Professional work experience of at least one year
  • Approval for a background check and drug screening

Tuition and Financial Aid

SJC reports that a full academic year of full-time study at their school totals around $34,610. This does not include room and board, books, or any other lab fees that may be required; currently, students who live on-campus pay an additional $13,280 for their room and board. The total does include both in-state and out-of-state students; the school only confers one on-campus tuition rate. Students will note that tuition rates will increase in the coming years.

The school's online programs have different tuition rates. The tuition rates for the online graduate programs range from $355 per credit hour for a Master of Arts in Theology to $624 per credit hour for a Master of Science in Nursing. There are also other costs, such as graduation, portfolio, processing, internship, clinical hours, students teaching, and challenge exam fees, most of which are nonrefundable.

SJC offers financial aid for students. Federal financial aid is available for students who study half-time, while scholarships are universally accepted for all students. Here is a list of financial aid options available for students.

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Direct Loan
  • Employer Reimbursement
  • Veterans Administration Benefits
  • State and federal scholarships

Online Master of Science in Nursing Administration

Saint Joseph's College of Maine confers an online Master of Science in Nursing Administration that can either be taken in the RN-MSN accelerated track or as part of a dual degree. Currently, it is possible for online students to pursue the MSN/MHA or the MSN/MBA dual degrees, which are all offered online. The program also comes with a variety of concentrations, including nursing administration, nursing education, and family and individual across the lifespan nurse practitioner.

The MSN at SJC is offered as a 100 percent online cohort-based program. There are no residency requirements and courses are taught asynchronously and in the 12-week format. Students can begin their degree at any one of the four start dates offered throughout the year. Practicums are required for every concentration, which is completed in a student's area of residence. Students can expect to complete 45 credit hours of coursework, a practicum, a capstone project, and a comprehensive written exam. Sample courses include Ethical and Legal Perspectives, Strategic Human Resources Management, and Health Care Financial Management.

Earning an online degree while working in a professional field should not be difficult, especially if a student is ambitious and wants to reach their career goals. It is a great thing to see that so many colleges are providing a way forward for many of these professionals, including building degrees designed to fit into a busy work schedule. At Saint Joseph's College of Maine, all of this and more can be found, and it's all available online.

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