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Updated August 7, 2020

SUNY University at Buffalo appears in our ranking of the 10 Most Affordable Doctorate in Elementary Education Online.

SUNY University at Buffalo is one of several colleges that make up the State University of New York school system. That is why its official name is the State University of New York at Buffalo. People typically call it SUNY Buffalo. Founded in 1846, it served as the primary institution of higher learning in Buffalo for many years. Due to its location, it also goes by the name of just Buffalo. The school used the name the University of Buffalo until it became part of the SUNY system in the early 1960s.

The university now offers nearly 200 graduate programs and more than 90 doctoral programs. Doctoral students must take a comprehensive exam that shows they developed strong skills and knowledge while in their programs. They will then transition from doctoral students to doctoral candidates. Candidates can begin work on their dissertations to finish their degrees. U.S. News & World Report ranks Buffalo as one of the best public colleges and as one of the top colleges in the nation. The university also ranks on several lists as one of the world's top colleges. Buffalo saw its graduate and doctoral enrollment grow in recent years to include more than 9,000 students.

SUNY University at Buffalo Accreditation Details

Students looking for graduate education programs with full accreditation should consider SUNY Buffalo. Like other schools in the SUNY system, the Buffalo branch has both regional and specialty accreditation. The Teacher Education Accreditation Council accredited all its education programs at the undergrad and graduate levels. It also has approval from the New York Department of Education. SUNY Buffalo has regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), which allows students to apply for loans and other types of financial aid from the federal government.

SUNY University at Buffalo Application Requirements

The Department of Learning and Instruction at SUNY Buffalo handles all the education doctoral programs available from the university. This department has a rolling admissions policy that accepts applications all year long. As long as there are spots left in the program, it will continue accepting new students. Students hoping to study elementary education or any other doctoral subject must submit the online application and pay the $50 fee. SUNY Buffalo has its own payment portal that makes it easy for students to pay this fee with a credit card.

Students must take a standardized test such as the General Records Examination (GRE). They must submit their official scores to the university. Buffalo will only accept valid scores received within the last five years. Students can submit unofficial transcripts from the schools they attended as part of the application process. They'll submit official transcripts later. SUNY Buffalo graduates do not need to submit their transcripts because the university will automatically transfer that information for them.

Instead of asking for letters of recommendation, the university asks for three references. It will contact those references and ask for recommendations. The university also requires a writing sample and recommends that students submit a journal article they worked on or a sample from their thesis papers. Other requirements for admissions include a statement of interest and a resume. Students must attend an admissions interview too.

SUNY University at Buffalo Tuition and Financial Aid

SUNY Buffalo uses an e-bill system that lets students log in and view their total costs. All the fees and tuition costs that the university charges will appear on that bill. Doctoral students pay $10,870 per year for tuition, but they also pay fees of more than $2,800 a year. The university has housing options available for graduate and doctoral students that allow them to live on its Buffalo campus. Those students pay $13,370 per year for room and board.

Students are responsible for any other costs, including their transportation costs and the cost of books and other supplies that they need in their classes. SUNY Buffalo estimates that these students will pay more than $42,000 a year. The university also offers its own insurance plans for those who do not have any type of health insurance. This will add to the costs that students face but will allow them to use the campus health center and seek medical attention when needed.

Doctoral students typically pay for their education with a combination of grants, loans and fellowship programs. They can file the FAFSA and find out from the university if they qualify for any student loans or grants. Alternative loans are available from other sources like local banks and credit unions. SUNY Buffalo also offers fellowships for doctoral students. Those students can attend a workshop in Buffalo to find out about funding options and to learn more about applying for one of these programs. They can also get help filing the FAFSA.

EdD in Elementary Education

Becoming an elementary school teacher only requires a bachelor's degree and a teaching license. Many states have requirements in place that teachers must meet in the future. Some states ask that teachers continue their education. SUNY Buffalo offers a doctoral elementary education program designed for those who want to teach and conduct their own research at the same time.

Students in this program will attend cohort seminars, which are small classes that consist of the same group of students. They can learn from each other and help their peers. They will work in small groups to find solutions to some of the common issues facing teachers today. Many of the classes they take teach them how to be effective leaders in their schools too.

This is a Doctor of Education program that features 71 credits of classes and other types of work. It usually takes students between four and five years to finish. They earn more than 60 credits for the higher level classes that they take. Students will earn six credits for the school practicums that they do too. Practicums allow students to work in schools in and around Buffalo.

The program also has a dissertation requirement. All elementary education majors must work with their advisers to decide on a dissertation topic. They'll work with their advisers as they create their dissertations too. Many students spend a full year or more on this stage of the program. SUNY University at Buffalo awards students 18 credits for the research and dissertation work that they do in the program.

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