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Updated August 7, 2020

Tiffin University is a small private university in the Ohio town of the same name. Established in 1888 as the Commercial College, it was a branch of Heidelberg College. As a commercial college, it offered classes in bookkeeping, secretarial sciences and similar subjects that prepared students for going right to work. It also offered a few business programs. When the two schools separated in 1917, the Commercial College became Tiffin and moved to a new location in the city. It now has a large suburban campus in Tiffin that covers 130 acres.

The university campus is home to a School of Business, School of Arts & Sciences and School of Criminal Justice and Social Studies, which ranks among the top criminology schools in the state. Tiffin also added its own graduate studies program that includes MBA classes and other graduate classes. To meet the needs of students living across Ohio, the university added smaller campuses in cities like Cleveland, Fremont and Toledo. It also introduced an online program and now offers classes through the University of Bucharest.

Tiffin University Accreditation Details

Tiffin University has general or institutional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which applies to all its programs, including those on its main campus in Ohio and the programs that it offers on its overseas campus. HLC accreditation is especially important for those who want to earn a graduate degree and then enter a PhD program. With this type of accreditation, you'll earn the skills needed in one of these programs and have an easier time making the transition to a doctoral program. Tiffin also has accreditation for all its business programs from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Tiffin University Application Requirements

Before applying to Tiffin University, it's helpful to request information from the school. This is especially true of those applying for a spot in its criminal justice graduate program because this program offers a number of different concentrations. You also have the chance to take a tour of the campus and meet with an admissions counselor. While there is an application fee for those who submit their applications through the mail, there is no fee for those who use the online system. You can create an online account, which lets the university create a user name and password for you. The university will mail that log in information to the email account you registered.

As long as you have that information handy, you can take your time and work on the application over several days or more instead of sitting down and doing it all at one time. This application asks about where you went to college and earned your undergrad degree, whether you have any professional or volunteer experience outside of school and where you currently live. Once you submit this application, you need to make arrangements for the university to receive supporting documents and information that might include a resume, letters of recommendation, test scores and/or writing samples.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tiffin University charges a flat tuition rate for graduate students that is $700 per credit hour. You'll also pay a technology fee of $150 when taking classes in the fall or spring semester. This fee drops to $75 for those taking summer classes. In addition to tuition and fees, you'll also need to pay for any supplies you need in your classes.

Though Tiffin is a private university, it ranks among the most affordable private colleges in Ohio. More than 90% of its students receive some form of financial aid, and some of its students receive more than enough aid to cover all their costs. To find out if you qualify and how much aid you can get as a graduate student, you need to submit the FAFSA. You'll use your tax information or your parents' tax records to file. The more you and your family can help, the less aid you will get.

Graduate students attending Tiffin can receive both grants and loans from the federal government as well as some assistance from the state government. You can also apply for private student loans that lenders base on your credit score and history. Also called alternative student loans, the lenders behind these loans also give you the option for applying for assistance with a co-signer.

Master's in Criminal Justice

The School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences Programs at Tiffin University offers a Master of Science in Criminal Justice with five concentrations available as well as a graduate degree in psychology. You can pick a concentration in criminal behavior, crime analysis, Homeland Security, justice administration or forensic psychology. Each program requires that you take 30 credits of courses, but the classes that you take will vary between programs. Some of the courses that remain the same across all programs include research design and analysis, statistical applications in criminal justice, contemporary issues in criminal justice and legal and ethical issues in criminal justice.

Crime analysis students look at the ways professionals analyze crimes. You'll learn how to use new computer programs and applications as well as statistical data to determine who commits crimes and which populations are more at risk of becoming criminals. The criminal behavior concentration deals more with the actions and behaviors that criminals do. It includes classes on mental health law and drug abuse and society that focus on how mental health and drug addiction can lead to criminal behavior.

If you have an interest in forensics, the university's forensic psychology program is a good choice for you. This program includes classes like mental health law in forensic psychology, sex crimes and victimology. The justice administration concentration is best for those who want to work in administrative roles in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. It includes courses on strategic planning, budgeting and coordination for professionals working in the field.

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Tiffin also offers a Homeland Security concentration for those who want to work for this government agency. It includes courses on federal budgeting, policies and strategic planning. Tiffin University encourages its criminal justice students to gain real life experience while in school and requires that all students take a seminar course that gives them the chance to study a specific subject and write a paper or do a project on that subject.

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