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Updated August 6, 2020

The University of Central Missouri is a public state university. Located in Warrensburg, UCM was founded in 1871. Through UCM, students find 150 different programs of study available. Students will find 32 professional accreditations available at UCM along with 37 different graduate programs. More than 14,000 are currently enrolled in the programs offered through the University of Central Missouri. These students are representatives of 49 different states and over 50 different countries. To enhance the worldly view, the University of Central Missouri offers students opportunities to learn abroad in countries such as New Zealand or France.

In addition to international opportunities, the University of Central Missouri also offers many online programs of study. The same professors and instructors of the campus courses teach the online versions of the programs and cover the same topics, instruction, and learning prospects as found in their classrooms.

University of Central Missouri Accreditation Details

The University of Central Missouri is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Many different associations also accredit it regarding the variety of programs offered through the UCM. As its online programs are taught by the same instructors and follow the same curriculum, these programs are accredited similarly as the on-campus programs available.

University of Central Missouri Application Requirements

To be accepted into UCM, students must have completed the Missouri college-preparatory curriculum. This outlines the 24-unit high school curriculum program required for acceptance into UCM. In addition to this, students must also meet minimum ACT, SAT, and GPA requirements. Students who fall short on these requirements are evaluated on a case by case basis. Supporting documentations, such as letters of recommendation or statements may also be necessary.

To start your application, students must send their ACT or SAT scores to the university. They must also fill out the application form and pay a $30 application fee. Finally, the University of Central Missouri also requires a copy of your transcripts. The admission facility expects these to be mailed to its office.

When applying for a graduate program, students must meet program specific requirements. For students looking to apply to Library Science graduate program, students must have an accredited bachelor degree. It is a two-step process. First, the graduate school must accept the student's application. The application is then passed on to the specific graduate programs administration before final approval is given to a student.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at the University of Central Missouri is calculated on a per credit basis. This varies based on whether the student is taking an undergraduate or graduate program. There is also a difference in per credit hour cost for resident, non-resident, and online students.

For online students, the cost of an undergraduate credit hour for the 2017/2018 school year is approximately $265.05. For an online graduate program, students can expect to pay $324.05 per credit hour. While this is slightly more than resident rates ($214.85 for undergraduate and $287.45 for graduate programs), it is lower than the rates offered for non-resident students ($429.70 for undergraduate and $556.90 for graduate programs).

It is important to note that these costs just reflect the current cost per credit hour. There are other fees, housing requirements, and textbook costs that have not been included in these estimates. For a better idea on the price of learning, there are calculators available online.

Recently, the University of Central Missouri introduced the Choose Red Grant. It lets students from the neighboring states receive residential course pricing. This is applicable for students in Missouri's bordering states. Students are automatically considered for this grant when they apply.

There are many different options, which help students finance their academic goals. Both the State of Missouri and the Federal government offer grants to help students achieve their education. These are not required to be repaid and are awarded based on need and academic achievement.

There are also scholarships available to students attending UCM. These are based on academic achievement. The University of Central Missouri has a calculator to help estimate the amount of scholarship money that may be available to students.

Online Degrees Available

Through its online platform, UCMOnline, the University of Central Missouri offers many different programs in an online or hybrid design. This helps students access learning in an innovative fashion. It have been offering hybrid programs since 1990, and have grown to include more program options since then.

Students use a platform called Blackboard to access the material and interact with students and instructors in a meaningful way. With this technology, many programs require no classroom courses and avoid the troubles of in-person meetings. These meetings were a requirement for students up till the year 2011.

The Library Science graduate program is available in an entirely online experience. With the use of technology, the actual location of the students does not matter. Students are given the opportunity to discuss, learn, share resources, and work together through different avenues of communication. At UCM, students are encouraged to use Skype and other online tools to effectively communicate with other students and with their instructors.

Through this program, students are able to take courses that satisfy the DESE requirements for school library media certification. They are also giving the tools and knowledge needed to gain skills around modern technology effectively.

With the online environment, students can fit school into their busy lifestyles. With the technology and innovation, class work, course information, and other key pieces of the learning environment are available to students when they need them. Students are able to complete coursework at times that are convenient for them.

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The Library Science graduate program also offers many different student support resources. Included in these are peer groups, which let students stay up to date on important information and news. They also provide networking opportunities in which students can build their professional networks.

Online programs provide a unique learning experience. With the right resources, students take advantage of accredited programs, great learning platforms, and superior convenience. At the University of Central Missouri, students find online programs that fit their academic goals.

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