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Updated October 2, 2020

Wilmington University is a private university that offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of academic areas. The University began with a class of around 200 students in 1968. Today, there are over 20,000 students of diverse backgrounds spread throughout various states. Wilmington University, which is non-sectarian, offers day, evening and weekend classes to serve both traditional students and non-traditional working adults. In order to meet the needs of their students, Wilmington University offers flexible scheduling in the form of 15-week, 7-week and weekend class structures. There are also hybrid programs that combine online and on-campus programming. They are designed for students who need accelerated academic experiences.

The main campus is located near the city of Wilmington, which is in New Castle, Delaware. The campus is easily accessed by bus, air and even train. The central location in the northeast part of the U.S. allows students to quickly and conveniently access international cities like New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Related to this, there are beaches, ski resorts and other recreational areas within driving distance. Wilmington University maintains over a dozen external sites that are spread through various states. These include the nearby Middletown, Dover Air Force Base, Wilson Graduate Center and William A. Carter Partnership Center in Georgetown. Wilmington University offers their programs in New Jersey at their Burlington County, Gloucester County, Cumberland County and the Joint Base Education Centers. A few Wilmington University degree programs are available at Cecil College's Elkton site in Maryland. Wilmington University serves commuter students and doesn't offer housing facilities.

Wilmington University is committed to excellence face-to-face and online classrooms. The faculty designs and delivers academically rigorous programs that are results driven and career-oriented. Most of these programs are available at affordable prices and offer competent faculty and individual attention to students. Because Wilmington University is spread out through different states, there are strong regional communities in Maryland and New Jersey. Students are provided with practical skills, a solid academic foundation and real world opportunities to advance. Students are encouraged to become leaders and innovators in their professions and communities. The graduate programs at Wilmington University, such as the Master's in Human Resources, requires effort, instills ethical values, challenges critical thinking, provides solid career preparation and inspires a commitment to lifelong learning.

Wilmington University Accreditation Details

  • Wilmington University is accredited through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
  • The College of Business is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

Wilmington University Application Requirements

When it comes to graduate programs, the admissions process includes document submission and the completion of required criteria. Students must submit official transcripts from all attended postsecondary schools. These transcripts must be from an accredited college or university. Graduate students must submit a current resume and three completed Applicant Recommendation Forms. At least one of the letters should be from an employer who is willing to discuss the candidate's professional skills and another should be from a professor who is able to discuss the student's academic performance and ability to pursue graduate studies. Students must also submit a writing sample that explains their personal and professional goals as well as their preparedness to achieve their specific graduate level degree.

Wilmington University Tuition and Financial Aid

Distance learning students will pay $454 per credit hour. Financial aid is available to those who qualify through completing a FAFSA application. This complex application is used to determine the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) that will be used to determine the type and amount of financial aid a student may be eligible to receive.

In order for students to be eligible for loans, grants, external scholarships and institutional scholarships, they must submit their FAFSA application and follow up with the financial aid office. There are self-help programs, such as the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) and Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loans. These loans are not based on financial need, so graduate students are responsible for paying interest. Direct Graduate PLUS Loan are intended for master degree students because they allow them to borrow through the credit based PLUS Loan program.

Online Degree(s) Available

The Master of Science in Management program offers many specializations. For example, there are MBA concentrations available in finance, accounting, business administration, environmental sustainability, homeland security, marketing management, organizational leadership, health care administration and management of information systems. There are Master of Science in Management degrees available in the following specializations: military leadership, sports management, public administration and human resource management. The latter is popular because it endows future management practitioners with the academic depth and contemporary skills needed to meet the challenges of global organizations. The program recognizes the challenging nature of modern organizational systems and human resources, so students are trained to embrace change, promote innovation and push for success.

After graduation, students will know how to apply contemporary leadership, management models and human resource management theories in various business settings. They will know how to evaluate business models and implement change frameworks. They will be prepared to apply legal and operational principles to guide professional conduct and decisions. Graduates will be able to integrate personal values and corporate goals into their professional behaviors. The Master's in Human Resources incorporates tools and methodologies that provide students with a genuine appreciation of the skills and knowledge required for ethical decision making and active problem solving.

In order to graduate with a concentration in Human Resource Management, students must complete 18 credit hours in business management and 12 credit hours related to HR and six elective credits. Students are permitted to complete their requirements at their own pace. All students must complete classes on organization theory, leadership development, change management and analysis of decision making. They must also complete an integrated independent study project.

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Students at Wilmington University are encouraged to get involved in student organizations to enhance their university experience. Students can participate in a wide range of campus activities and organizations, such as the Green Team, Criminal Justice Club, International Reading Association, Student Government Association and the Alpha Delta Chi Society for Human Resource Management. After graduation, Wilmington University students are encouraged to participate in the Wilmington University Alumni Association, which was founded in 1972 to help students give back to their school and community.

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