What are Some Benefits of Completing a Masters in Management?

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Updated August 4, 2020

A Master's in Management provides quite a few benefits to students who want to get an advanced degree in business. When compared to an MBA, there are more benefits to an MIM degree too.

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Advanced Business Degree

Many aspiring business people want to get a degree beyond a bachelor's degree, which means heading back to school. With a Master's in Management, they're able to enroll directly into the degree program without having work experience. In an MBA program, the student is required to have some work experience. That can delay the completion of their schooling dramatically as they have to get a job after graduation.

Less Expensive

A MIM degree costs less than an MBA degree. In many schools, it's half the cost of an MBA program. This is great for students who don't have years of work behind them to pay for the courses required. An MBA degree is for those who are enhancing their current career, which means they have the funds to pay for it. If you're looking for an affordable degree program, it pays to do your research since the area and the school itself can vary in costs. Don't be limited by the programs in your immediate area.

Graduate Management Admission Test

Most MIM programs do not require potential students to pass the GMAT. While many schools might have their own testing alternatives, the GMAT isn't required to enter the program. This can be a boon to many students who believe they won't pass the test, or that their grade point average in their first degree should stand instead of one test grade.

Geared Towards Management

The degree is geared towards scenarios in the business world that are focused on management. Students who want to be managers will find that they learn a lot from the MIM program. The subjects are geared towards analytical or mathematical skills that will help translate the student into leadership roles in business. The courses will cover subjects like marketing, project management and human resources in particular.

Gaining Popularity

These degrees are gaining popularity, which means they're becoming more accepted in the business world as an alternative to other degrees like an MBA. The business professional who starts their career with an MIM isn't going to be in direct competition with others like those who have an MBA. They're at different points in their career.

International Degree

One big advantage of the MIM degree is that it's known internationally and offered abroad. This is the perfect opportunity for students to expand their horizons. Paris, Rome or Prague are a few well-known destinations for students who want to experience the world, and continue their schooling in the process. They're able to learn through partnerships with universities across the world. Spending a semester or two abroad can help students gain experience internationally.

These benefits make getting a Master's in Management a great choice for a degree program especially for students who don't want to interrupt their education and have to wait to get a degree. They're able to travel and learn from a variety of educators since the degree is internationally recognized too.

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