Can I Get an Accelerated MBA Online?

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Updated May 7, 2021

For people who are looking to get a great education, but do not want to spend a lot of time getting a degree, it could be a good idea to get an accelerated MBA online. When looking to get an accelerated MBA through an online college, there are several factors that people need to be aware of to ensure they are able to graduate quickly and still get a great education.

Completion Time

The first factor that you should consider before starting an online accelerated program is the amount of time that it will take you to complete the degree program. In most cases, you will be able to complete an accelerated program in 15 months. While this completion time can vary by a few months depending on where you go to school and how much time you dedicate to school, it will always be shorter than when trying to finish school on a more traditional basis. In most cases, a traditional MBA program will take a person 24 to 30 months to complete, according to Northcentral Univeristy.

Time Requirements While in School

Another factor that must be considered when deciding whether or not you should try and complete an online accelerated MBA program is what the time requirements will be while you are in school. If you want to finish the MBA program in a short period of time, it will take a lot of time out of your day while you are in school. In all likelihood, you will need to spend up to 20 hours a week in online classes and may spend up to another 20 hours every week on homework and class assignments. These time requirements can make it difficult to finish the program while working full time.

Educational Options

When you are considering a school that offers an online accelerated MBA program, you should also consider the educational options that the school offers. In many cases when going to a traditional MBA school, you will have dozens of specialties and majors that you can focus your education on. In the accelerated programs, the courses tend to be more generalized. While you can still receive a great education, it will limit your ability to have a special focus.


Before starting any online accelerated MBA program you'll also need to consider the schools reputation. It is important that the school you attend offers an accredited program. If the program that you attend is not accredited, it will likely not be considered a valid MBA by employers which means it will not help you to further your career. The school's accreditation should be available in its website. You should also be able to get a sense of the school's reputation by researching it online and finding out what graduation and job placement rates are.

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In conclusion, getting a MBA can be a great way to further your professional degree and have plenty of future opportunities. For those who are looking to further their careers and want to graduate quickly, it could be a good idea to get an accelerated MBA online.

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