Can I Get My Master’s Degree in Education Online?

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Updated August 4, 2020

Is it possible to get a master's degree in education online? The answer to that question is yes. Many schools offer an online program that lets those who are trying to finish their certification requirements get the advanced degree that they need. How do you go about getting your degree online?

Pick a Program That You Like

Finding an online program that you feel is a good fit for you is just like finding a traditional graduate school program. You can call schools that you are interested in to find out more about their entrance requirements, find out about financial aid and find out where you can get and send an application.

How Is Enrollment Handled?

Most schools have the same enrollment deadlines for their online programs as they do for their traditional programs. When you talk to a counselor from a school that you are interested in, you can find out whether the school has a rolling admission period or if there is a certain date by which you must have your application sent in. If the school has rolling admissions, it means that you can send in an application for a future semester at any time before the semester starts.

Is Your Degree Considered Legitimate?

As long as you have gone through an accredited program, your degree will be considered as valid as a degree earned through a traditional program. Online graduate programs typically follow the same schedule as a traditional program and has the same requirements of its students. If you take classes through a school such as the University of Phoenix, which is an online only school, you should check to make sure that your program is accredited. As online courses become more mainstream, many online schools do have their programs accredited. Going to an accredited school is important if you want financial aid from the government to help you pay for your education. US News and World Report has a list of the top online schools that are accredited.

How Do You Communicate With Professors?

Communicating with professors and others at your school is as easy as sending an email through your school's system. If you have an assignment due for a class, all you need to do is put it in the digital dropbox that your professor will provide for you by the due date. Most professors are good about answering emails that contain questions or concerns about an assignment or any assigned reading. Having this communication system enables students to get the same level of attention from their professors as they would expect if they spent time on campus each day.

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Are Online Degrees Easier to Get?

For some, getting a degree online may be easier than having to go to class at a set time each week. An online program enables students to complete classwork when it is convenient for them as long as it is turned in prior to the due date. For adults with kids and full-time jobs, that added flexibility can make it seem easier to get course work done.

Can you get a master's degree in education online? If you are looking for a program that fits your needs and your schedule, finding an online degree program that fits your needs is easier than you think. You can go online now to find a list of schools in your area that offer such a degree program.

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