How Can Teachers Benefit from a Master’s in English?

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Updated August 4, 2020

A teacher will directly benefit from a Master's in English in many ways. However, many critics claim that this degree isn't beneficial because many educators make a mediocre salary. Outside of negative financial data, this M.A. is deeply meaningful and worthwhile for students who are passionate about writing, education, literary studies and academic pursuits. A much closer look at this M.A. degree reveals that there are intangible benefits like personal enrichment and educational benefits like career advancements.

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Employers Value a Master's Degree

Employers value creative thinking, excellent writing and communication skills across most industries. This graduate degree develops each of these skills and strengths that are highly prized by hiring managers. Because so many career fields and industries are experiencing rapid change, employers need graduates with a strong liberal arts background who want face, analyze and overcome new challenges. Graduates who want to work in the field of education will be prepared to analyze school policies, respond thoughtfully to concerns and skillfully articulate data findings. Employers in many fields, such as law, health care and public relations, consider analysis, decision-making and communication to be the most highly demanded competencies. Job markets are more open to students with these advanced skills because they can think critically, write persuasively and creatively solve problems.

Career Flexibility

This unique graduate degree prepares students for diverse careers in different fields. This graduate degree serves as a strong foundation for careers as lawyers, teachers, editors, authors, marketing professionals, corporate trainers and school administrators. Graduates with this degree may find work in the industries of film, business, publishing, insurance, public relations and even law enforcement. For example, global corporations and police departments alike rely on PR experts to expertly handle media crises and release pertinent information to the public. Some graduates use their degree to pursue jobs overseas as ESL teachers in exotic locations. The addition of a graduate degree may bring additional job responsibility or a promotion to a higher position. A graduate degree will help graduates who want to focus on advanced research or teaching in college earn a doctoral degree.

Educational Benefits

Teachers especially will benefit from this degree because they will better understand how to manage a classroom and contribute to the success of their school. These programs will help students better understand language arts curriculum development and produce better quality content. These degree programs allow teachers to pursue electives directly related to teaching techniques, administration systems, pedagogical theories and education technology. Graduates who want to begin or continue their careers as teachers will be better prepared to teach a wider variety of classroom pupils, especially teenagers and adults. Pursing this degree is a natural choice for many teachers who want to advance their professional development and their salary scale.

A teacher will benefit from a Master's in English because the BLS states that graduate degree holders make more than bachelor degree holds and almost as much as doctoral degree holders. Visit the BLS' website to learn more about potential educational careers that will go well with this valuable degree.

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