What is a Doctor of Social Work?

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Updated August 4, 2020

The Doctor of Social Work is a degree that teaches students to train others, serve in public health or offer therapy that is focused on the needs of the client. This article explains how the student may complete the doctorate, and they will learn which jobs may be found after graduation. Anyone who is considering going back to school must ensure they have selected the proper degree program, and they will graduate with a myriad of options for employment or training.

What is The Field of Employment For a DSW?

The industry has many places where someone with a DSW may work, and they have options that will help them find a job that helps others. The jobs they have chosen will help them reach the youngest and oldest in society, or they may select a number of different jobs that will help them go into private practice. Someone who is looking for a job in the industry must decide if they want to work with people or work in management.

What is Public Health Management?

Public health management is quite important as it helps the city or the county offer services to those who need counseling or therapy. The wisest of each graduate may begin managing a number of service programs in their industry, and they may find it interesting to watch other service the public. The public health sector is in need of people who have doctorates in social work, and they will have someone managing their services that wants to help people.

How to Earn the Doctor of Social Work

The DSW must be earned in school over the course of three to five years, and it will be a comprehensive program that will conclude with a dissertation. Each person who wishes to earn the degree will learn about how to offer services or counseling, and they will work with professors who have specialized in what interests the student most. The student will learn quite a lot about what must be done to help the public once they graduate, and they will go through a practice experience that helps them learn how to offer services to clients.

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Learning Management Skills

Someone with a DSW will learn how to manage large systems as they are often tapped to help the community grow its services for those who are in need. The management courses offered for a DSW are there to ensure the student knows what it takes to help others, and they will learn how to manage a private office if they like. There are many people who prefer to work in private counseling, and it is interesting to see what may be done if they learn how to manage their own medical office.

The doctor who has completed their education as a social worker will come into the workforce ready to work anywhere they like. They may teach, or they may choose to ensure services for people in their community. They may become managers in public health, or they may move to the school system where they are helping students with family problems. The doctoral degree for a social worker changes lives, and it is focused on service to the public through counseling, management or public health service programs.

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