How is a DSW Different from a PhD in Psychology?

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Updated August 4, 2020

A DSW and PhD in Psychology are different in that they approach counseling and therapy in different ways. They are graduate degrees that will help the student earn their license in the field, and this article explains how the student may choose between the two degrees. Someone who wishes to work in counseling or therapy must ensure they have chosen wisely, and they may do similar work with either degree.

What Is A DSW?

Social work may be done with the doctoral degree at any time, and it leads to an immediate license in the field. There are many different people who wish to work in the field, and they may move to the level of the doctorate when they wish to teach or counsel without the need for a long trial or practical period. The doctoral degree may be used to teach college, or it may be used to work in a management position for the government or a school system.

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What Is The PhD In Psychology?

Social work is quite different from the therapy field, and the psychologist may do many things that diverge from what the social worker does. The psychologist may have a license that allows them to practice, or they may do research for a lab or a think tank. They are free to work in management positions, and they will ensure they have given guidance to those who are obtaining their degrees or working in the field. Supervisors or directors are needed for each person working in the industry, and psychologists may do any of these jobs.

How Do The Courses Differ?

Social workers and psychologists take many of the same courses because they are similar fields. They must learn about statistics, research and therapy. They will diverge when they are counseling others or working with the public health system. Social workers do the work in the public health sector that is far different from what a psychologist will do, and the psychologist will learn about the brain in a way that a social worker does not.

Social Work Jobs

Social workers may work for family services, or they may work in schools where they are reaching out to students. Psychologists will reach out to teachers and students in schools as they study tests and guide counselors. Social workers do the work that is required to help struggling students, and psychologists will help students who are gifted or exceptional. Each new job is chosen for the purposes of helping children, and a child who is placed in the school system with special needs will be helped by a social worker or psychologist.

The two degrees may be a wise choice for anyone who wants to get into the mental health profession must allow for both degrees listed. They may choose between a DSW and PhD in Psychology, and they will find each one offers a different level of experience and qualifications that may be used to find jobs in mental health. The student may work in private practice, or they may choose to work in the schools. They may move on to public health, and they will find it simple to serve people with the skills they learned in school which are quite similar in their scope.

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