How Can You Specialize A Master’s in Marketing?

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Updated August 4, 2020

Would you like to specialize a Master's in Marketing? If you are an undergraduate with a marketing degree or a degree majoring in business, the next step will be earning your advanced graduate level degree in a related field. You have the option to take a degree program majoring specifically in marketing or taking a different and more broadly focused program that can then be specialized in a more narrow subject area like marketing. If you are not sure how to find a program that can be specialized in marketing, read on and learn what you need to know to sift through all of the best programs.

Take a Master of Science in Business Administration and Specialize It

One of the most popular options to specialize a master's degree in marketing is to enroll in a Master of Science in Business Administration program with a school that has a marketing specialization option. This MS program will help students understand understand many different strategic aspects of marketing and how they relate to business. You will learn marketing management approaches, how to design and implement customer relationship management, how to integrate media into marketing, how to maintain profitability, and how to understand a client and their wants and needs.

This multidisciplinary program will help you learn how to deal with complex problems and how to identify a set of different solutions. With this MS degree, you will be prepared to work in consumer goods, industrial goods and service industries in a variety of different roles and functions. Some of these roles include: product management, project management, business management, market research, customer relations, sales and communications. If you want a degree that will take you places, the Master of Science in Business Administration could be the right degree to specialize.

Take a Master of Management Program and Specialize It

If you are more interested in becoming a member of management, taking a Master of Arts program majoring in management may be a better route for you. If you take a management graduate level program and specialize it in a specific study area like international marketing management, you will study curriculum that will give you a broad understanding of marketing and advertising. Specializing in such a focused area of study will help you build specific marketing skills so that you can build on the basics you may have learned as an undergrad. You will also learn how to operate in a global world with an expertise in global economy and marketing methods.

What Will a Master's Do For You?

Now that you know which majors can be specialized, the next step is determining if earning a degree is worth the investment. It costs both time and money to earn a master's degree, but holding this degree can help you land positions fast and earn much more than a candidate with a bachelor's. You need to decide which title you are pursuing, consider the average salary range, and then you can decide if you will earn a return on your investment by enrolling in school.

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According to CBS News, a master's degree pays off in the field of marketing and ranks number 5 out of 10 careers that made the list. If you are ready to earn a degree, review your options first. Once you know which accredited programs you can choose from, specialize a Master's in Marketing and learn two subjects at once.

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