How Long Does it Take to Complete an Online Master’s in Organizational Psychology?

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Updated August 4, 2020

With positions of leadership in human resources or several other fields which are continuously opening for business personnel the question of how long it takes to complete an online Master's in Organizational Psychology is a critical issue. One of the principal demands for positions of leadership in human resources, business planning, or employee recruitment positions is a master's degree in a relatable field. More and more, businesses are turning to the organizational psychology degree as a recommended requirement for moving up to lead a department or division of a company.

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What is the Incentive to Obtain a Master's in Organizational Psychology?

Not too many years ago, the subjects of psychology and business leadership were not commonly uttered in the same conversation. However, since the 1990s the quest for leaders holding a Master's in Organizational Psychology has grown considerably. The Bureau of Labor Statistics upgraded its estimates on employment expectations for those holding the degree to increase more than 8% in the coming years. The financial rewards are considerable with averages showing in the six-figure range.

What Routes are Available for Those Seeking an online Degree in Organizational Psychology?

Universities have ventured into the online experience in a big way. Those seeking advancement find a new avenue toward a degree with this option. Several universities offer the Master's in Organizational Psychology degree in different forms. Some schools offer classes with some interaction between students. Other universities have courses heavy in cohort involvement, meaning that students are required to interact with each other though virtual classrooms each day, sometimes several times a day. Still, other universities offer options for students to choose which of these types of courses they wish to take.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Master's in Organizational Psychology?

The length of time required to graduate with a Master's in Organizational Psychology depends on the availability, drive, and flexibility of the student. Most Master's in Organizational Psychology programs require 36 credit hours to complete. Master's programs are intense with an incredible amount of data stuffed into a short time frame. Taking eight credit-hours of classes per term is considered full-time for an unemployed student. There are some programs that allow students to accelerate their degree with extra work. A student taking the accelerated route may finish in 18 months. However, most graduate students seeking the Master's in Organizational Psychology degree are employed and looking for advancement in their chosen field. To accommodate those who work while attempting their master's, universities encourage half-time participation by taking one four-credit-hour course per term. Taking that route extends the timeframe for completion to four years unless they continue classes through the summer break months in which case the time frame is three years. At times, students must take a break; family issues, unexpected events, and work conflicts interfere with continuing education. Universities normally allow students up to six years to complete a master's program.

Crossing the Finish Line

Students that complete their Master's in Organizational Psychology are equipped to fill leadership roles that focus on human resources, training, hiring practices, and other where they apply researched data directly to a business problem. Graduates find themselves eying several positions to conquer, no matter how long it took to get a Master's in Organizational Psychology.

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