What is a Human Capital Strategist?

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Updated October 2, 2020

A human capital strategist (HCS) is a certified HR professional who focuses on integrated talent and performance management. Employee talent is one of the few sustainable competitive advantages in a globally connected economy. HR professionals need the tools, strategies and practices to drive business results and achieve objectives. The HCS designation is offered through the one and only Human Capital Institute (HCI).

The Human Capital Institute

The Human Capital Institute (HCI) is a professional association that is dedicated to the advancement of talent management practices for HR professionals, managers and organizations. It is an American-based think tank that focuses on talent research and education. The Human Capital Institute promotes innovative thinking and practices in talent strategy, acquisition, engagement, development, measurement and management.

The HCS credential recognizes that the holder possesses the strategic skills and knowledge in the field of human resources and capital needed to manage employee recruitment, corporate training and executive involvement. It is an excellent way to increase job competitiveness and earning potential. The HCS course involves engaging videos, informative articles, helpful tools and learning modules on social media, human capital analytics and leading virtual teams.

The HCS Program

The HCS program provides two days of intensive and interactive coursework that is designed to promote knowledge, communication and skill development. It provides insightful tools for HR and talent managers to improve their understanding of human capital performance and strategic talent management principles. The HCS certification provides credibility to the holder because they will gain access to the latest industry research from around the world. There are classes on human capital analytics, strategic workforce planning, deploying new talent and retaining top talent.

The program will ensure that holders can recognize how aligned and integrated human capital can positively impact revenue, performance and organizational effectiveness. Graduates will know how to define the complex connections among talent management concepts and practices. They will be able to demonstrate how an organizations can restructure and reformat themselves in order to achieve stronger talent management. HCS certificate holders will be able to implement metrics to gauge progress and effectiveness of talent management.

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Human Capital Manager Duties

Human capital managers are often referred to as talent or performance managers. They handle workforce planning, competency modeling, survey development, work site analysis, leadership development and staffing methodologies. They also design and recommend short- and long-range staffing forecasts, strategies and recommendations. They interface and collaborate with executives, program managers and key operations personnel. They respond to briefing, technical and information requests. They are charged with working on capacity planning, talent balancing, workforce re-design, occupational gap assessment and realignment recommendation projects.

Human capital managers facilitate quantitative and qualitative data gathering activities, conduct in-depth analyses, interpret results, synthesize outputs and submit actionable solutions to executives. They sometimes focus on organizational effectiveness, which may require them to conduct audits and restructure operations, and organizational stabilization and growth, which may require them to implement mandatory training or recommend new technology systems. In order to be successful, they must have excellent organizational, analytical and presentation skills.

Anyone who wants to become a human capital strategist will need a master's degree in human resources, professional learning or organizational development. Potential careers include strategic planner, talent management consultant and human resources consultant.

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