Is An Online BSN Worth It?

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Updated October 1, 2020

Online BSN programs are certainly a popular choice for lots of people who are looking to enter the nursing profession. An online BSN program offers students an alternative to finishing their nursing degree as the majority of courses are given entirely online. These programs are delivered through an online learning platform.This includes discussion forums, email, multimedia course presentations, chat, course materials and other learning tools. Students are required to turn in assignments accordingly and work independently. The majority of online BSN programs feature a number of ways for a student to communicate with their instructors.

Wide Coverage

Even though the specific courses often vary by program, common BSN requirements online include pediatric nursing, mental health nursing, pharmacology, nursing fundamentals and legal issues and ethics in nursing. The majority of online BSN programs also require clinical components.

This is where a student engages in learning experiences that are hands-on at a medical facility in their area. However, the main difference between campus-based and online BSN programs is that an online program does not require a student to attend courses at a specific time. Aside from that, students are given the capability to complete their clinical experiences in a wide range of medical and nursing environments.

Important Advantage

There is also another important reason why enrolling in an online BSN program is often a worthy investment. An online BSN program helps an individual prepare for the future. Even though it is true that both BSN and associate degree in nursing or ADN programs are able to provide an individual with qualifications that let them work, the American Association of Nursing and Colleges have stated that nurses who are educated at a BSN level in either a traditional or online school often provide better patient care.

Additionally, a recently released AACN fact sheet has revealed important information from studies that have shown there is a jump in positive outcomes, fewer medication errors and a decrease in mortality when individuals have finished their BSN degrees. Although this is not made to discredit nurses who have less advanced degrees, studies and statements such as this have influenced legislation.

States such as New Jersey and New York have considered a proposal that would only allow people with a BSN degree to work as a nurse. Only time will tell if this legislation will come to pass. However, it may be wise for individuals who are preparing for a future in the world of nursing to obtain their BSN degrees online.

A Wide Range of Career Options

A student who has completed their BSN program online has a wide range of career opportunities. An online BSN program enables a person who is working currently to maintain their job in order to help them gain valuable experience to increase their employment prospects.

For instance, online BSN students who are currently working as registered nurses can apply for a higher level positions upon graduation. Available career options also include critical care registered nurses, oncology registered nurses and clinical nurse educators. A clinical nurse educator will receive an annual salary of $73,000 while an oncology nurse will make an average yearly income of $66,000. A critical care nurse will have an average income of $68,000. Because of these figures, an online BSN program is a great choice for a person who is looking to make a huge difference in the currently in-demand nursing field.


With all of the long-term benefits, people should not wait any longer to enroll in an online BSN program. Leveling up in the world of nursing helps an individual start a new adventure that may take them to the classroom as a nurse educator or into the world of management.

People can also find themselves working in a field of their choice. One of the steps that they can take to achieve their personal goals is starting an online BSN program.

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