What Jobs are Available With a Master’s in Educational Psychology?

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Updated September 11, 2020

Graduating with a master's degree in educational psychology is a stepping stone to lucrative jobs and a wide range of career advancement opportunities. Psychology majors, especially in education, earn some of the best salaries in the United States. This is mainly due to the increasing demand for psychologists in learning institutions to help children enhance their cognitive, emotional and social functions. Here is a roundup of the top careers you can do with a master's degree in educational psychology.

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Educational Researcher

Researchers in psychology play a key role in learning institutions. They examine how schoolchildren study by analyzing and monitoring the learning processes in different stages of life. They are responsible for designing learning programs and developing new instructional methods that will benefit learners, teachers, groups or social service agencies. A research position in education psychology demands a lot of analytical, exploration and communication skills. It also requires a sound knowledge of child psychology. Educational researchers earn between $41,459 and $97,289. The salary depends on the level of experience and the organization you work for. Private organizations pay more than public institutions.

Educational Psychologist

Educational psychologists work with families, children, groups, schools and government agencies to create programs that enhance learning. Their main aim is to help young people achieve their full potential in learning institutions. They use their knowledge in education and child development to assess the difficulties learners face and come up with effective programs that can improve their experience in school. The programs may include new teaching techniques, improved learning environments, advice on curriculum and behavior support. Educational psychologists with master's and doctorate degrees earn an average salary of $84,060 per year.

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College Counselor

College counselors provide emotional, social and psychological support to a wide variety of students. They work with parents and teachers to get to know about the learning, social and behavioral problems students face. They also provide information that can help students develop their cognitive function and learning abilities. According to Glassdoor, college counselors earn between $45,000 and $68,000.

School Psychologist

School psychologists are members of the team that helps children to learn and enhance the ability of the tutors to teach effectively. They apply their knowledge and skills in mental development, learning and behavior to help students get the most out of school. They also design programs that help students thrive socially and emotionally. In order to achieve their objectives, the psychologists work closely with the administration, teachers, government agencies and parents. School psychologists earn a median salary of $78,690 per year.

College Professor

Most people use their master's or doctorate degrees in psychology to become college professors. In this case, they work with students to help them learn about the principles of psychology and how to apply them in life. This may be in the form of developing instructions, mediating discussions, administering exams and creating lesson plans. College professors also supervise students during dissertations to help them come up with viable research questions. Some professors also conduct their own research and publish their findings in journals. The median salary for college professors is $72,470.

A master's degree in education psychology is a viable option for those who want to interact with students and help them maximize their potential. The list of jobs discussed above is a clear evidence of the huge earning potential for an educational psychology major.

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