What Jobs are Available With a Ph.D in Education?

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As one of the highest degrees in the field of education, there are several leadership jobs available with a Ph.D in Education. According to Investopedia, since only 0.9% of Americans have earned a doctoral degree, pursuing this advanced academic degree places you in an elite category in the job market for unlocking prestigious and high-paying career options. In particular, a Ph.D in Education degree will provide in-depth expert knowledge in literacy, educational policy, learning processes, curriculum design, teaching strategies, and leadership that can be valuable in many different jobs. If you are considering a Ph.D in Education, read on to learn about the top three career paths available with this doctoral degree.

Post-Secondary Professor

Many teachers who choose to earn a Ph.D in Education go on to educate the minds of young adults at the post-secondary level. Professors can find faculty positions at public universities, private schools, community colleges, and vocational institutions to teach students at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or even doctoral level. Due to their area of expertise, many professors with a Ph.D in Education will focus on training the next generation of teachers and educational support staff for K-12 schools. In some cases, faculty members with a Ph.D in Education will also advance into administrative positions, such as department chair, provost, vice president, or university dean. Post-secondary teaching jobs are expected to grow faster than average by 19% before 2022, which will create around 236,400 positions for professors.

School Administrator or Superintendent

Although a master’s degree is usually all that is required, many school administrators in elementary, middle, and high schools hold a Ph.D in Education degree with a specialization in educational administration. In both public and private schools, there is the option for doctorate-holders to become school principals, assistant principals, vice principals, and dean of students to manage all school operations for maintaining a productive learning environment. Many graduates with a Ph.D in Education will eventually advance into the superintendent role to take over administrative responsibilities for an entire school district. Employment in school administration is expected to grow slower than average at just 6% before 2022, but fast-growing student enrollments in the southern and western United States will spark good job prospects.

Curriculum Coordinator

In public or private K-12 school districts, universities, government agencies, and other educational institutions, curriculum coordinators are given the responsibility of assessing the effectiveness of teaching standards and coordinating the implementation of instructional materials to facilitate optimal student learning. Though a master’s degree is the traditional requirement, many curriculum coordinators decide to earn a Ph.D in Education with a specialization in instructional design or educational technology. Not only do curriculum coordinators create teaching materials and standardized tests, but they are also actively involved in schools to work with teachers and administrators in workshops for making needed instructional improvements. Jobs in curriculum development are poised to grow rather fast at the rate of 13% before 2022, thus creating 18,500 new positions.

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Overall, earning a Ph.D takes many years of both emotional and financial commitment to achieving this prestigious degree, according to US News and World Report. However, the investment can truly pay off in the long-run by leading to many different highly sought-after jobs available with a Ph.D in Education and getting you on the track to leaving your mark on the wonderful world of education.

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