What Non-Government Careers are Available with a Master’s in Political Science?

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Updated August 4, 2020

A master's degree in political science can open doors to a tremendous variety of careers - not only in government, but in various industries in both the public and private sectors. Poli sci is an expansive field that can assist in solving a great many problems, both academic and practical.

Many political science majors work in government roles, but those in this sector will shortly face very stiff competition for jobs due to contraction of the field. If you're working towards or have already earned a master's degree in poli sci, and are interested in careers outside the government sector, here are five careers available to job seekers with master's degrees in political science.

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Public Relations Specialist

A poli-sci major, during the course of their studies, will gain insight into how public opinion develops and is formed, as well as the role of public and social media in these perceptions. Subsequently, this field of study can serve as an excellent platform for a career in public relations. Public relations specialists research public events, monitor media, and organize press conferences - all similar activities to what a political campaign manager might do in the course of their duties.

Marketing Research Analyst

Similar to how poli-sci students will assess the potential reactions of voters to new policies or candidates, marketing research analysts assess the public's response to new products, services, or companies. Market researchers create studies for assessing this response, and make recommendations to the company or client with data to back up their assessments. Because the skills utilized in poli-sci are immediately relevant to market research, poli-sci majors can often make excellent marketing research analysts.


The skills of political scientists are also highly relevant to the practice of law. Those with advanced degrees in poli-sci who go on to law school will find themselves well prepared to research cases extensively, as well as organize effective approaches in cases where political issues have an immediate or ancillary bearing on the outcome. In cases where government branches or officials may have law firms draft documents or proposals, their expertise in the political arena is immediately useful.

Collegiate Activities Officer

Activities officers can utilize knowledge gained from a poli-sci degree to organize and design student government models, student rights and responsibilities outlines, and leadership training programs. They can also apply that knowledge to mediating disputes, investigating inconsistencies, and training both students and peers in political and managerial ethics. For poli-sci majors interested in education, this can be an excellent choice - as well as a stepping stone to other positions.

Social Media Manager

Similar to the skillset utilized by market researchers, poli-sci majors can apply their knowledge to the role of the social media manager. Using their knowledge of public opinion and influence upon it, poli-sci majors can be extremely competent social media managers, helping to reflect a brand, public figure, product, or service in a positive light. Social media managers may also work alongside market researchers to design effective marketing campaigns.

No matter your interests, an advanced degree in poli-sci can lead to a fulfilling career - outside the government arena.

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