What Types of Jobs are Available with a Doctor of Social Work?

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Updated August 4, 2020

If you are considering pursuing a Doctorate in Social Work, you are likely highly interested in the types of jobs you will subsequently be suited for. The truth here is that the options with this high-level degree are seemingly endless and virtually impossible to write a thorough list for. At this level of education, you are widely viewed as an academic expert in the field and therefore, professionally suitable to work in all sorts of important positions.

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Why will so many employers throw the doors open to the candidate that presents this degree? The answer lies in its many, specialized teachings. Students here have learned all about serving communities and the individuals within. They know how problems often start and how they can be handled. These graduates are the masters of people and the well-being of the communities they live, work, and play in. This is a science, and holders of this doctorate are masters of it. This is highly desirable in many, upper-level vocations and thus opens many doors.

What specific jobs are commonly made available by this degree? Here is just a small sampling of the many options to be had.


Professors are the teachers of tomorrow's bright minds. Spread your social work knowledge as well as stay on top of the curve with the newest industry developments freshly dispensed to those in this position. Those that like to specifically teach others are best suited here.


As in so many other fields, research and study are what drive this science forward. As a PhD, this particular graduate is often welcomed by the research community whereas social sciences are the key focus. Gather data or analyze the findings of others – those involved with research here drive the path of the science tomorrow.

Services Administrator

There are many places in which a services administrator is important to business function. Some of these venues include health and human services centers, social services centers, for-profit and non-profit enterprises, and many more. As a service administrator, you are the lead manager of one, a group, or all services provided by that service-providing entity.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A licensed clinical social worker is someone that works in a variety of medical settings and provides case management for their personally overseen clients. These could be elderly, the young, teenagers, or adults alike. Guiding these individuals to a better future via the coupling of resources and expertise is this worker's ultimate goal.

Non-Profit Director

Non-profit organizations are those that advocate for certain social causes in our society. The directors of such non-profit enterprises are the ultimate captains of the direction of said organizations. These professionals oversee all activity of the organization and maintain ultimate hierarchical position and responsibility.

Child Welfare Worker

Children in dangerous situations rely on the expertise of child welfare workers every day. These workers will oversee cases that are of official concern and act further in cases that present clear and present danger to the child. If such action is taken, the worker is then responsible for the further maintenance and proper placement of the child into a safe living situation.

In conclusion, this type of doctorate degree is a very palatable one in all sorts of industries. This is because of the specialized experience, based on people, that the graduate is likely to possess. The six, above-mentioned jobs are just a few of the many possibilities made available to graduates of this valuable degree in social work.

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