What Types of Jobs are Available with a Master’s in Communication?

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Updated August 4, 2020

There are many types of jobs available with a Master's in Communication because this comprehensive degree prepares graduates to work in a variety of fields. Master's in Communication programs teach students how to manage complexity, use new technologies and analyze data to create engaging and innovative messages. Students also learn about collaborative leadership, fostering relationships and impeccable communication techniques. Here are just a few of the types of jobs to consider.

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Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists may work with traditional or digital marketing programs. They may be assigned internal or external clients. Public relations specialists who handle digital marketing and advertising will create shareable digital content and monitor social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They may also monitor YouTube, popular vlogs and WordPress blogs. Public relations specialists compose and share press releases on digital channels such as the well-known BusinessWire distribution service. They focus on improving the image of clients in online media platforms. They may attend real-world conferences and industry events to speak and guide their clients. They usually assist with the implementation of SEO and integrated marketing campaigns. Formal training in journalism, marketing and media communications will help.

Communications Manager

Communications managers handle and enhance their organization's public representation in print channels, on the Web and through social media platforms. They oversee all official messaging activities for units, locations or departments. They may even manage all formal publications, such as white papers, annual reviews and compilation reports. Communications managers must have related job experience with media and social media management. They must have the ability to develop and monitor a strategic communications plan and successfully meet tight deadlines. Communications managers need to have a strong knowledge of media relation strategies, such as how to pitch stories, structure news releases and produce eye-catching newsletters. They will need exemplary writing, editing and proofreading skills. Knowledge of popular graphic editing, desktop publishing and web content management apps is essential.

Corporate SEO Content Writer

Corporate SEO Content writers and specialists work as key members of digital marketing teams. In order to qualify and be considered for open positions, they need superior writing skills and a complete knowledge of SEO and digital marketing practices. They create and pitch original content for SEO purposes related to advertising, marketing or public relations. Their goal is to create the highest possible level of shareable digital content that is optimized for search engine algorithms. They conduct research and learn all relevant industry topics and trends to create the most compelling and persuasive content. They may edit blogs, articles and social media posts that are created by coworkers. Corporate SEO Content writers usually have a degree specializing in writing, English or journalism.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers partner with stakeholders and executives to develop and implement enterprise-wide strategies and campaigns that achieve business initiatives and objectives. They research, develop and execute complex internal and external communications projects. Afterwards, they evaluate the project's effectiveness using appropriate metrics. They also elicit client, employee and public feedback in order to adjust and optimize plans. Their project management duties include planning, tracking deliverables, identifying potential opportunities and checking in with creative teams for production execution. Marketing managers need to forecast budgets, schedule staff and allocate resources to ensure projects are completed within desired time, budget and quality guidelines.

The jobs available with a Master's in Communication include production assistant, multimedia photojournalist and marketing outreach specialist.

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