What Types of Jobs are Available with a Master’s in English?

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Updated September 11, 2020

For those with a Master's degree in English, there are many promising careers out there to be had. These careers are perfect for those with a love for written word and communicating via print and other means. Want to learn more? Let's take a look at five great career choices for those with a Master's in English.

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Public Relations Specialist

The public relation specialist is one who communicates to the public in representation of a company, individual, or organization. It is this professional that is behind the voice in announcements for new product, company changes, or even the portrayal of a particular event or opinion. Representing client interest and maintaining public approval are key. Mastery of language and its finite uses is thus the ultimate requirement here, making the graduate school major in this area ideal for the position.


It's a fact: writers are needed now more than ever before in history. With a daily-growing internet to maintain and countless paper publications in production, the world needs lots of writers. Although it is quite possible to obtain writing positions via the associate's or bachelor's degrees, the upper echelons of writing opportunities are only offered to those having an educational background proving inarguable mastery. Magazines, books, blogs, and reports - literary skill is very much in demand here.


According to the expert-born and universally accepted definition of quality teaching, "A quality teacher is one who has a positive effect on student learning and development through a combination of content mastery, command of a broad set of pedagogic skills, and communications/interpersonal skills". With such an esteemed degree demonstrating you mastery of language arts, you will be able to provide the exact qualities described here.

The only question then becomes one of venue. With your degree, the choice is yours as to the academic level, age ranges, and facilities with which you will work. Becoming your hometown 5th grade language arts teacher is just as realistic an aspiration as becoming a language arts professor for a major university. Your degree affords you great flexibility in choice among teaching careers.

Chief Editor

As we already discussed, today's world is in constant need of written materials and writers that are continually able to generate them. Overseeing these writers and their endeavors usually presides an editing team. These editors act as a final filter, adjusting and proofreading the product of the writer so as to perfectly fit the publishing company's positions as well as the purpose for the material being published. The chief editor is the final boss and overseer of this material before it is published. They may take responsibility for an entire group of editors and writers or act alone, as a one-person editing operation.


Speechwriters are extremely important to those that employ their services. It is the speechwriter that works with a company or politician to communicate the exact message and feeling needing to be conveyed. An example client may be a company president that needs to make frequent speeches to employees and customers alike. It may be an organization's director, seeking to maintain valuable constituents. The President of the United States even employs speechwriters for the creation of the perfect message. These crucial jobs are usually within the sole reach of those having satisfactorily completed language arts graduate school.

From speechwriting to professing, the options become quite abundant to the holder of this valuable degree. Having earned it, now all you have to do is choose and pursue the career path that's right for you.

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