What Types of Jobs are Available with a Master’s in Nurse Administration?

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Updated August 4, 2020

A Master's in Nurse Administration is a great educational path for anyone interested in helping to lead a team in the medical profession. The nursing administration field is focused on the management of nurses, as well as the administration and oversight of nursing efforts in a particular healthcare setting. For an even closer look at this pivotal field in the healthcare industry, we can glimpse over some of the specific careers found therein.

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Director of Nursing Services

There are actually many names for this particular role, but for simplicity, we'll stick with the one everyone can understand. The director of nursing services, as their title outwardly purveys, is the manager of the entire nursing staff of a healthcare facility. Additionally, some roles here even open up to higher levels of duty, such as being in charge of multiple facilities' nursing staff and endeavors. The role of the nurse director is an important one in any case and is quite representative as a whole of the field of nursing administration.

Chief Nursing Officer

No place in the world is immune from the needs of a trained medical community available when illness and other health issues arise in the local population. The nation's correctional facilities, like all other places, demonstrate that need every day as an entire medical industry is built around caring for the incarcerated. The chief medical officer is essentially the director of nursing services, such as the role discussed above, of a particular corrections facility. Only under this officer's oversight and management will nursing efforts be administered to the population here.

Nursing Administration Analyst

In nearly all advanced and professional fields exist teams of different kinds of analysts. These professionals analyze and take note of all of the finer details of that field and the firm employing them and subsequently turn that information into valuable guidance for use by executives at that firm. The nursing administration analyst is the analyst specifically suited to break down the ins and outs of nursing and its most effective manners and methods of administration. The analyst specializing in this field of work may work independently, with an outside consulting firm, or even within a specified healthcare facility as a full-time, in-house employee.

Nurse Educator, Trainer

Initial education and continued education are a crucial part of effective nursing efforts anywhere nurses may practice. Enter the nurse educator or trainer. This professional is responsible for effectively training future and/or current nurses in all of the newest techniques and medical wisdom to emerge. This is a subset profession of nursing administration itself, and as such, is practiced by those in an exclusive role of trainer as well as actual nursing directors themselves in ongoing staff-training efforts.

Community Liaison

The community liaison is a multi-purpose position in which the administrator handles varying elements of community involvement from a particular healthcare center. This can involve the handling of patients at discharge and continued care and routine checks at home. This can also quite often involve promotional endeavors within the community to promote the healthcare center's role or general good health of the community. The professional working here may also work with other departments within the facility in order to better reach the community being served. This role in nursing administration is unique in its ability to somewhat shape itself while not being bound by strict operational confines.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for nurse administrators and health service managers is expected to increase much faster than average. If you are a nurse looking to advance your career, pursuing a Master's in Nurse Administration may be the best path to landing one the jobs we discussed here.

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