What Types of Jobs Are Available With a Master’s in Advertising?

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Updated August 4, 2020

Since a degree isn't necessary for some jobs in advertising, you may wonder about the types of jobs available with a Master's in Advertising. Some entry-level positions, such as basic copy writing, do not require advertising degrees, though most employers prefer applicants to have some business or marketing experience. Certainly higher-level positions require at least a bachelor's degree and management jobs usually require them.

Is an Advertising Degree the Same as a Marketing Degree?

While some positions may be filled by professionals with either degree, advertising degrees are preferable for many jobs, because they are more specific to the promotion and selling of a product than the more general marketing degree. Your choice of degree depends largely upon what career goals you have. Degree programs also differ in their approach to education. According to Business Majors, while some advertising programs keep a narrow focus on the advertising aspect, other programs offer a broader view and touch on marketing. You should consider the types of jobs offered with a Master's in Advertising before you select your degree program. Applicants with master's degrees in advertising can work in the profession in many arenas as managers and executives; for those professions the median salary is $112,800 not including benefit packages and bonuses.

Advertising Managers

These professionals, according to the Houston Chronicle, plan and manage advertising campaigns, especially in smaller companies that don't have diversified advertising departments. Advertising managers also work as a bridge between the company and the clients to ensure customer satisfaction. In some of the smallest companies these people may even write advertising copy and design the campaigns.

Ad Agency Executives

People in these positions often work with clients to advise them about the types of ad campaigns that would work for their products. They also work with the others on the advertising team to strategize about all aspects of the campaign with the client's input.

Market Managers

This is where the broader degree programs are an asset. Marketing managers develop an over-all strategy for the product that includes branding, and they estimate target markets to help develop campaigns that will successfully reach them.

Marketing Communications

These professionals work with the client in mind, not the consumer. They plan direct advertising campaigns to help existing clients choose the right advertising products and to attract new clients. They often collaborate with the creative team to design brochures and Internet packages that will attract new clientele.

Product Managers

Of the types of jobs available with a Master's in Advertising, this may be the most specific. These managers work with a single product or concept to develop and market it. In this job, engineering skills are needed in addition to business education. The job description includes assessing customer needs and helping the client tailor the product to meet that need, then working with the creative teams to market it.

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If you are considering a career in advertising, you should keep in mind that each of these positions has variations. For instance there are social media ads that require some expertise in that platform. When choosing your electives in continuing education, or if you are upgrading your skills, keep in mind the types of jobs available with a Master's in Advertising.

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