What Concentrations are Available for Online Ed.D. Programs?

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Updated April 8, 2021

The field of education is full of opportunities at all knowledge levels, and obtaining an online Ed.D. in the appropriate concentration area only broadens the options for a talented educator. Seasoned teachers,who want to move beyond their K-12 classrooms, often decide to enroll in university programs that will help them to gain leadership roles as administrators, policy makers or college level instructors. Today's online education doctoral degree programs offer specializations and flexible schedule options that allow these educators to achieve their goals in the most efficient manner possible. Here are examples of some specializations that are offered within education doctoral degree programs.

Reading and Literacy

The specialization of reading and literacy within online Ed.D. programs touches on the very foundation of education. Educators learn to apply national guidelines and standards to identify shortfalls in their students' reading and comprehension skills as well as to develop innovative programs that prompt improvement in these areas. Employment opportunities for educators with these skills and credentials can be found in both public and private academic settings as reading program directors for secondary school learning centers or adult education programs.

Educational Leadership and Management

The specialization of educational leadership and management gives educators the tools to become leaders in the classroom and beyond. Courses within this specialization focus on initiating and managing change through research based knowledge, superb communication skills and inclusive decision making abilities. Most doctoral candidates who choose this specialty area target administrative jobs in secondary schools or in higher education; many also seek policy making positions within local, state or federal government agencies.

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Leadership in Digital Transformation

Advancements in technology has changed the way most industries conduct activities, and the field of education is no exception. Today's teachers are challenged to find ways to incorporate the technology that their students use throughout their daily lives into useful educational tools. Doctoral programs with emphasis in leadership in digital transformation give teachers the knowledge about how to identify innovative digital learning tools and how to implement digital transformation initiatives through guidelines set by industry recognized organizations like the International Society for Technology in Education. Notable outcomes of this specialization within school systems are the introduction of distance learning options within secondary schools as well as online homework assignments that have a video game look and feel.

Curriculum and Instruction

The curricula and instructional methods used by teachers have significant impacts on the educational outcomes of students at all levels. Concentrating in curriculum and instruction exposes educators to the proper research methods that they need to analyze current curricula and develop better ones. E.d.D. candidates learn about current instructional models and curricula design methods that provide the framework for improvements. Most programs emphasize the need to address curricula and instructional styles for multiple types of student groups and subject areas, and courses that consider cultural diversity within classrooms, higher education and specialty subjects like science and math are often taught within E.d.D in Curriculum and Instruction programs. This type of degree prepares educators for positions in school administration and other teacher leadership positions within school systems.

Going back to school for a doctoral degree in education requires a substantial time and monetary investment. Prospective students should choose schools with programs that are accredited by U.S. Department of Education approved agencies. Thorough investigations of the requirements for their target job positions will likely uncover the online Ed.D. concentration area that is right for them.

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