What Industries Hire Master’s in Communication Graduates?

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Updated August 4, 2020

Today's Master's in Communication degree truly does serve as a sort of universal key in its ability to open so many occupational doors and opportunities. What kinds of professional fields utilize these graduate's? The following is a brief rundown of some of those industries.

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The wide world of teaching often accepts, and even intentionally seeks out, those with a Master's in Communication. This is because graduates with this degree can not only teach the discipline formally, but can also utilize their learned prowess within to teach other, entirely separate kinds of classes. From kindergarten through college, communications graduates are always needed in teaching.

Educational Planning

Related to teaching is the educational planning and design industry. This industry helps public and private enterprises alike design courses and other education plans for use in the classroom. A mastery of language is always needed in such planning and design endeavors.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and the greater field of marketing depend on efficiency in communication as much as any other field out there. Great communications can sow the seeds of a booming business, while less than ideal communications can completely drive away the customer base. As such, those with an academic mastery of communications are regularly needed in marketing.


Speak not with a forked tongue; have an open mind; replace ego with empathy; and speak to groups as individuals - these are some of the cornerstones of excellent communications skills that have been seen as a common thread in many great leaders through time, according to Forbes. It's true; effective management and leadership depend greatly on effective communication methods. This is why the greater field of management professionals and leadership figures often look for communications graduates to help fill their ranks.

Research and Analytics

Some are surprised to find that communications masters are actually frequently needed throughout the various branches of the research industry. Research for marketing purposes, publicity, government publications, new techniques and sciences, academic endeavors, and a whole world of other applications all call for the expertise of Master's in Communication grads. Even organizations dealing with antiquity and history hire these particular graduates.

Software Development

Software is yet another booming industry that is also quite reliant on the abilities of those with a Master's in Communication. This is much due to the constant need for language incorporation into software products. In other cases, such mastery of language is used to actually help teach machines to recognize, and have abilities in, human speech and communication.


Finally, we'll conclude the list with consultancy. Consultancy is the industry that consists of experts in one particular field assisting experts working in similar or even quite different fields. It is the practice of giving professional advice and helping others to get through problems that only a master of a particular discipline may be able to navigate. Enter the professional communications consultant as one of these experts.

Communications is a massive field that is utilized in many other professional endeavors on a continual basis. Consequently, those well-educated are available to contribute to a wide range of cross-applicability in the professional world. These above-listed industries are just a handful of those seeking Master's in Communication graduates.

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