What Jobs are Available With A Master’s Degree in Mathematics?

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Updated August 3, 2020

For people who are considering getting a higher degree in mathematics, there are many types of jobs with a master's degree in mathematics which can provide you with plenty of professional opportunities. There are several jobs in particular that people with a higher degree in mathematics can obtain, which can provide a rewarding career both personally and professionally, according to Forbes.


The first type of job that you can get with a master's degree in mathematics is a position as an actuary. An actuary is an individual that uses mathematical data to assess risk. These people are often hired by insurance companies and other companies in risk-related industries. An actuary will be able to review a lot of complex data to make conclusions as to whether certain data sets correlate to future occurrences. Based on the information that is provided and analyzed, an insurance company will then be able to decide whether or not to provide insurance coverage and what the premiums should be.

Investment Analyst

People that have master's degrees in mathematics will also often get positions in the financial world as investment analysts. The financial markets have continued to get more and more complex over the past few decades and people who struggle with mathematics will have a hard time assessing risk, predicting the future, or noticing patterns. An investment analyst could end up being hired to help find patterns in the movement of stock prices, develop strategies to help make investment decisions, or using their mathematical background to make predictions about how the markets could react to certain events that are taking place.

Sports Analysis

For people that have an interest in professional or college sports, having a mathematics degree could be a good way to get a job working for a team or franchise. Almost all college and professional sports teams have started relying on mathematicians far more over the past few years to help make personnel decisions. Mathematicians are hired to analyze statistics of players, including situations statistics, to make a prediction of how the player will perform in the future. This has led to the development of new statistics and rating systems, which are continuing to grow and be used. Teams are frequently hiring those with Master's in Mathematics to try and find new statistical models and correlating factors, which will then give them an edge on the competition going forward.

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For individuals who want to teach, getting a Master's in Mathematics could provide them with plenty of options in the education field. While it is not necessarily a requirement, people who want to teach at the high school level in the math department will need to have a strong educational background and should consider getting a Master's in Mathematics. Those with a master's may also qualify for teaching at some junior colleges and four-year universities

In conclusion, for those who are good at math and enjoy working with numbers on a daily basis, getting a master's degree in mathematics could be a great educational option. There are many types of jobs with a master's degree in mathematics which can end up paying well and provide you with plenty of professional opportunities.

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