What Types of Jobs are Available with a Master’s in Nursing Education?

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Updated August 4, 2020

For those interested, there are many excellent jobs available today with a Master's in Nursing Education. Nursing is all about healing and the health of people and communities. The Master's in Nursing Education is about facilitating the mastery of modern nursing and the processes by which it is taught to others as a skill and science. If you would like to know what kinds of specific jobs can be found as a result of earning this valuable healthcare degree, read on. We've compiled a brief list of five of the top, most common career paths therein.

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Critical Care Education Specialist

Critical care involves the most acute and volatile cases of health intervention and treatment that the nursing world encounters. As a result of its importance, many facilities dedicate professionals to oversee this specific aspect of care. The critical care education specialist is that individual in charge of such endeavors, and on a daily basis, they are responsible for creating the framework for continued education, service improvements, and an overall modern effort in critical care at the employing facility.

Nurse Educator

For those particularly fond of the idea of continuing to work in nursing education directly, another way to go about it is through becoming a nurse educator. Nurse educators are those who actually teach nursing concepts and classes to students. This can be in a college, specialized school, or even at a functional medical facility. No matter the location, though, teaching the world's future life-savers is the chief function here.

Nurse Assessment Coordinator

In many facilities such as continued care and aging centers, the need for continued assessment of the effects of in-house nursing endeavors is crucial. Such routine assessment lays the foundation for trustworthy and always-competent care. The nurse assessment coordinator is thus the professional that is often charged with this duty of continuously assessing. The NAC therefore uses an array of modern standards and knowledge criteria in addition to other tools in order to periodically judge a facility's nursing efficacy. While several degrees can open this occupational pathway, a master's concentrated in nursing education or nursing administration often works best.

Director of Service

There are so many types of healthcare-related facilities out there today. Many of these facilities and providers offer individual services for particular causes such as women's health, addiction rehabilitation, or even youth-specific needs. As the director of service, you are tasked with directing any one or sometimes multiple instances of such specialty services. The director here is quite important and essentially designs and oversees the continued functions of their attributed service.

Quality Service Chief

The quality service chief is a position that, although is likely mirrored elsewhere, is an exclusive position offered by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. This position entails overseeing the overall quality and methods of the administration of nursing practice via the department and as specifically applied to its clientele. Come up with service plans, generate ways to assess, and formulate managerial decisions with regard to nursing at a given facility of the department. Those working here also enjoy the benefits of giving back to American veterans in need.

Careers in nursing as well as its academic aligns are truly a respectable and noble calling. These five above-mentioned positions in this particular line of work provide some excellent choices therein. If you would like even more information with regard to the world of nursing and jobs related to the Master's in Nursing Education, you are encouraged to visit the American Nurses Association's career guidance page.

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