What Types of Jobs Are Available with a Master’s in Nutrition?

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For those interested in a career advocating for the healthy living of others, there are many jobs available with a Master’s in Nutrition. It may take some time to earn this valuable degree, but the result is a wide array of open doors for the health advocacy career of your choice. Here are some of the top, directly related career routes taken by graduates of this particular degree program.

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One of the most directly related jobs for those with a master’s in the nutritional sciences is that of the nutritionist or dietitian. This professional is the go-to consultant, director, and advice-giver to anyone who may be in need of guidance in this realm of personal health. Those seeking service here include those with special medical necessities, people wanting to improve their personal health, those in special training, and a few others. The nutritional guru here will work with each client separately in achieving their personalized dietary goals.

Internal Analyst/Consultant

There are seemingly countless products and services out there that have an effect on health – directly, indirectly, intentionally, and unintentionally. Each producer and developer of these various offerings had to have the services of some experts in nutritional science in order to even get started. In many cases, continued operation and ongoing product creation then require the ongoing utilization of experts in nutrition and diet. The graduate degree holder in this realm of science is thus very important.


For those interested in sharing their expert, dietary knowledge with others wanting to work in the field, the career of dietary teacher or professor may be perfect. In this respect, one can truly profess their own knowledge as well as stay abreast personally of all industry-affecting developments or news. Not only will you teach, but you will continue to learn here as well. Positions teaching this science can be found everywhere from elementary education levels, all the way through college and even private, non-institutional settings.

Project Manager

Yet another perfect position for this particular degree holder is that of project manager. There are organizations, philanthropic entities, private causes, and other, various groups that require the expertise of those schooled in the nutritional sciences. A weight-loss organization might need nutritional experts for member services. Such an expert is also going to be necessary for many food-based philanthropies. Likewise, such knowledge is also needed in the areas of child nutritional studies, specific medical sufferers groups, and many more.

Because of the variance one may find in the dietary line of work, it’s hard to generalize too much with respect to salaries, job prospects, and other specs to be found within such industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does however tell us that, as a whole, those working in this general field of expertise will experience a serious rise in general demand of an estimated 16% until the year 2024. Additionally, those working directly or close to the capacity of a nutritionist or dietitian earned a median pay of around $57,910 each year according to those same BLS statistical sets.

Spreading the word and helping others with their dietary needs is a respectable calling for sure. These are just a few examples of the lines of work to be had in this excellent area of profession. For more information regarding the job options you may have as a result of earning your master’s in nutrition, consult directly with your academic institution’s student counseling or advisory staff.

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