What Types of Jobs Are Available with a Master’s in Philosophy?

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Updated August 4, 2020

If you enjoy thinking, reading and reasoning, you may wonder if there are jobs available with a master's in philosophy. The truth is that jobs teach philosophy are hard to get, and there are many more individuals with advanced degrees in philosophy than there are teaching positions available. However, with a master's in philosophy, you can do just about anything you choose.

Reasons to Study Philosophy

A master's program in philosophy helps students learn to think, judge and reason. Additionally, it introduces students to different fields of thought and different cultures. During your course work in philosophy, you will be exposed to the work of both Western and non-Western thinkers. You will learn to evaluate their work and come to an understanding of it. Philosophy helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Philosophy students make successful business partners, great attorneys and successful CEOs.

Getting the Most Out of a Degree in Philosophy

According to The New York Times, although you can get a degree solely in philosophy, a Master's in Philosophy alone might be difficult to market once you enter the workforce. Prior to pursuing a Master's in Philosophy, you might wish to earn a double major in philosophy and another field during your undergraduate studies. Joint degrees in philosophy and economics helped Jordan Kotick land his job as a vice president in marketing at J.P. Morgan Chase. A degree in philosophy combined with studies in history or museum studies will prepare you for a career as an archivist or collections specialist at a museum.

Pursuing a Career in Government

A master's degree in philosophy is great preparation for work in government. Whether you wish to make a difference on a local level by becoming involved in city or county government or have higher aspirations that might take you to Washington, D.C., the study of philosophy will help you make wise decisions in government. These studies will also help to equip you for political debates, which are inevitable for those rising through the ranks of government.

If you love philosophy and would like to pursue a career in government, you may wish to choose a master's degree program at a school at provides opportunities for government internships to students. Often, such internships can lead to jobs in government.

Careers in Ethics and Religion

Many pastors and theologians pursue master's degrees in philosophy. The degree hones the thought process, facilitating exegetical studies and helping religious theorists and educators in their pursuit of the divine. Some individuals with such degrees specialize in ethics and get jobs as adjunct faculty members teaching in seminaries or other institutions. Others pursue this degree for their personal edification only to find their sermons and pastoral ministry greatly benefited by the things they learn.

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Unlike most other degrees, a degree in philosophy isn't one that points to a specific career path. The things learned in such a degree program enrich every aspect of the student and graduate's life. Likewise, there is no limit to the jobs available with a Master's in Philosophy for those who keep an open mind.

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