What Types of Jobs are Available with a Ph.D. in Family Counseling?

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Updated August 4, 2020

Working towards a Ph.D. in Family Counseling is a big accomplishment. This isn't something you achieve overnight but when you do finally get your degree, there are a number of very lucrative and rewarding professional journeys you can take as there are a number of different areas of counseling careers. The three main areas, however, are academics, administration, and clinical work. All three of these areas are important to the field and it comes down your interests and and how you want to help people. Here is some information to help you evaluate these areas.

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Completion of a Ph.D. in Family Counseling enables the option to teach at either a public or private college and at both the undergraduate or graduate level. You can teach individual classes with a specific theme or purpose. You can also help develop degree programs or curriculum for the university's counseling concepts. If writing is your area of expertise or something you enjoy, you can write textbooks or other research materials that will help with other professionals, or aspiring professionals.


When you have your Ph.D. in Family Counseling you can use your education to be a supervisor or mentor within a medical facility setting. This can be a hospital, a family counseling center, or any other organizations that seek to help families. You could work towards becoming the director of an agency, if you enjoy managing people, while using your knowledge to help others who need assistance. Both non-profit and for-profit facilities are an option and include groups like churches, schools, child family services and more.

Clinical Practices

Some people prefer to work directly with clientele and with the public rather than just educating or working in a more administrative setting. If you want to counsel patients, you can work in a clinical setting. There are many different branches of counseling that includes:

  • Family and marriage counseling
  • Addiction counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Career counseling
  • Postpartum services

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of marriage and family therapy is expected to grow faster than average. Whether you are a student in the middle of achieving your Ph.D. in Family Counseling or a future student considering this degree track, it is important to consider the career paths available after graduation. The field of marriage and family counseling provides many opportunities to help members of the community and is a great option for those wishing to help make today's families stronger.

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