What Types of Jobs Can I Get With A Master’s in History?

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Updated March 25, 2021

Whether you are browsing career options for your new Master's in History degree, or you are just scoping things out, there are plenty of different paths to utilize your degree. Despite the fact that the mid-career salary of those with a Master's in History is just $64,000, the expected growth for jobs associated with the degree is expected to rise over 17% the next 10 years, according to Forbes. Once you've completed your studies, you will be able to teach at a university, work for a non profit, or even work as a consultant for private businesses.

What Are the Available Jobs for People With Masters Degree In History?

Historians as Teachers

After spending years of schooling and spending thousands of dollars, you will probably want to start making money soon after graduation. If you've ever considered teaching as a career option, your masters degree should help you to be able to get in at a variety of community colleges or universities as a faculty member or adjunct instructor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, post-secondary teachers can expect to make just under $70,000 per year, with a 19% expected growth over the next 10 years which is faster than average. The only downside of pursuing a teaching job at a community college or university is that it is very hard to get your foot in the door. Keep in mind, the lack of funding in public education today is diminishing, which has put more pressure on hiring science, technology, and math teachers, rather than the humanities

Historians as Teachers

As a Historian, you have plenty of experience when it comes to reading, writing, and researching. Fortunately, there are many jobs in the private sector that place emphasis on these skills and they are expanding at a rapid pace. With a Master's in History, you could be hired to work for a consulting firm, which specializes in offering strategic and operational support to clients. You may be required to work long hours researching policies, results, and implementing ideas.

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Working for a Non-Profit

As you start looking to see what jobs you can qualify for, many will be surprised to see that a Master's in History can actually be a great fit for those wishing to work for a non profit. Rather than focusing on money, non profits are always seeking to reach their goals. This is done in part by researching, evaluation, and most importantly; grant writing. If you have a heart of gold and are passionate about a cause, a non profit can be a very rewarding place to start your career. For a list of non profits that are currently hiring, the Idealist job board has hundreds of postings to choose from.

Having a Master's in History degree can be a long, yet rewarding experience. One of the most difficult aspects to the degree is finding a job that is right for you upon graduation. Doing a little bit of research regarding the different types of jobs that you will qualify for will not only open your eyes to what is out there, but also help you to have realistic expectations upon graduation.

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