What Types Of Master’s Degrees Are Available in Engineering?

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Updated August 4, 2020

If you are studying engineering as an undergraduate, it is time to learn about the types of master's degrees available in engineering. There are so many different routes that you can take once you enter an advanced degree program that selecting a major in engineering can be a daunting task. Luckily, choosing a major while you are still earning your undergraduate degree can help you get some much needed knowledge before you select a master's. program. You can take elective courses that are related to a specific area of engineering rather than just the general discipline. Here are some of the most common choices that you should consider if you want to earn your master's:

Chemical Engineering and Its Many Applications

As you might assume by the name, Chemical Engineering is the study and application of chemistry within the discipline of engineering. If you study to earn a master's in this field, you will learn how to use chemical reactions to solve problems in several different industries. It is very common for a chemical engineer to solve problems pertaining to the development of new products in several different areas of business. Some products you may be involved with developing include: cosmetics, beverages, conventional cleaners and foods.

Petroleum Engineering As a Major

Once you earn your Bachelor's in engineering, you may want to consider studying Petroleum Engineering for your master's. While this is a challenging major, it is one of the highest-paying engineering positions that you can choose to fill. When you study this area of engineering, you will focus on learning the extraction methods that are used today to extract oil while you try to learn how to develop new methods that will be less harmful to the planet and the environment. With more and more corporations in the fossil fuels sector looking for ways to go green and reduce their carbon footprint, this is a growing field where the need for Master's graduates is high.

Environmental Engineering is One of the More Popular Choices

Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering are very challenging subjects, but Environmental Engineering is one of the more popular choices. As a subset of the Civil Engineering major, Environmental Engineering is the study of using science and engineering to improve the air, water and food on the planet. More and more green jobs are being created to try and reverse the affect that the human species is having on the globe. You will study pollution, manufacturing, development of new processes, and a variety of different subjects revolving around the environment when you choose this major. Some believe that Geological Engineering is similar, but in actuality this area of studies is much different and related to mining and construction project development.

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You have to consider which sector or industry you would like to work in before you select a major for your Master's degree. In addition to your preferences, you should also consider where engineers are most in-demand and offer the highest salaries for graduates with a Master's. Based on studies conducted by the Houston Chronicle, engineering positions in all disciplines will remain in demand for 2014. This demand is only predicted to rise as the need for research and development rises. Choose which discipline is right for you, and know the types of master's degrees available in engineering that you can choose from.

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