5 Careers for a Master’s in Marketing Graduate

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5 Jobs to Pursue as a Master’s in Marketing Graduate

  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Marketing Director
  • Fundraising Professional
  • Sales Professional
  • Writer

Marketing is applicable to so many different job fields now and it has become a very popular and lucrative career to consider. Marketing efforts contribute greatly to a business’ financial growth and there are many career paths to consider. Those nearing the completion of a Master’s in Marketing should be evaluating their career aspirations and starting their job search. Let’s take a look at just five career opportunities for a recent marketing graduate.

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1. Marketing Research Analyst

There are jobs that focus very much on marketing as a way to generate business, gain clients and provide financial growth. However, for a company to really understand what type of marketing plan they need in order to become successful, hiring a marketing research analyst is key. This position will include a number of different responsibilities, but in general it is designed to analyze current marketing trends, what is being used in an industry with success, and what aspects are failing. This information is extremely valuable as companies develop future marketing campaigns.

2. Marketing Director

Graduates with marketing experience have the opportunity to look for a position as a marketing director. The director’s job is to supervise a number of other professionals, whether it be a graphic designer, a web designer, a public relations professional, etc. The goal is to make sure the team is on the same page and stays on track. It is the director’s responsibility to make sure project goals are met and success is being achieved.

3. Fundraising Professional

Marketing professionals may also have the role of fundraising for a number of needs. In order to run a successful fundraising campaign, a marketing professional must employ a variety of marketing techniques to inform the public of the event, it’s goal, and importance of supporting it. A fundraising professional must set a realistic and profitable goal while helping the team to achieve great results.

4. Sales Professional

Working in sales doesn’t necessarily mean selling products to retail consumers. Working in the sales sector of a business sometimes is very intertwined with marketing. Essentially, a sales professional works to gain clients. This might mean soliciting advertisers for a radio station or newspaper or contracting your services to help small business owners increase their client lists. This is all part of marketing your brand along with other brands and in turn, you are helping each other find success.

5. Writer

Many businesses use writers for their marketing initiatives. On a website, many companies will have a blog to help connect with clients and customers. The content for this purpose needs to be well written and needs to contain search words that will help generate more traffic (SEO). According to Forbes, many companies fail in the content they provide. It is critical that the not only be well written, but also strategic, in order to be successful.

A Master’s in Marketing degree provides a variety of career options to graduates. Whether focusing on the financial growth of a company or the image of the company, a master’s graduate can make a huge impact. Brands and branded messages are everywhere and there are many jobs out there that will utilize this degree.

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