5 Careers for a Master’s in Project Management Graduate

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Updated August 4, 2020

5 Jobs for Graduates of a Master's in Project Management Program

  • Coordinator
  • Scheduler
  • Risk Manager
  • Logistician
  • Project Manager

Hiring managers from many different industries have job opportunities for graduates with a Master's in Project Management. From agriculture to education and information technology to product development, project managers increase efficiency and decrease unnecessary spending. During a Master's in Project Management program, students learn how to build effective teams, accurately budget resources, and utilize technology to help organize the processes to meet deadlines. Some of the jobs available to graduates include the following.

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1. Coordinator

This is one of the first positions available for applicants with little experience. Coordinators handle many of the administrative tasks for the overall project. These tasks include obtaining necessary permits or legal paperwork, setting up interviews with potential consultants, and preparing spreadsheets or other presentations. One of the most important roles of this position is ensuring accurate and thorough communication with relevant members of the team and reporting status updates back to the entire management team.

2. Scheduler

This is another entry-level position for a Master's in Project Management graduate. An individual in this job takes the task lists from the head project manager along with deadline information and determines how to best schedule each component of the project. These professionals need strong communication skills because they work with every part of the team to determine how long each task will take as well as which tasks can be done simultaneously and which need to happen in order. Their job does not end at the planning stages, though. Schedulers also monitor progress and make necessary changes in the schedule if needed.

3. Risk Manager

Project managers with a background in mathematics and data science are well suited for this career. Risk managers analyze plans to identify the likelihood that an unexpected complication will occur. They use predictive modeling and statistical analysis to determine the scope and potential cost of the risk and suggest changes in process to lower the odds of problems. Companies with significant assets or those in high-risk industries will often hire a team of risk managers to prevent losses.

4. Logistician

This career deals with the transport of goods and services. This includes both raw materials coming to the company and the delivery of the final product. Logisticians implement and monitor databases that track all supplies and products, and they also look for ways to decrease overhead costs by finding less expensive materials and streamlining deliveries. According to Forbes, proper logistics planning is one of the primary predictors of business success.

5. Project Manager

The positions listed above report to the lead project manager who uses information from the team to monitor progress and make big-picture decisions. The success or failure of a project depends on the project manager, so at times, this could cause significant stress. Professionals in this job combine all of the skills they learned during their Master's in Project Management program in order to deliver exactly what was requested. Senior project management is one of the highest positions in the field, and these individuals oversee multiple projects, each of which has a project manager reporting back.

Project management includes planning from many different aspects, each of which affect the outcome. Organizations with larger budgets often have a lead and assistant assigned to each project to help with communication and dealing with unexpected issues. Jobs that prefer or require a Master's in Project Management are available in different specialty areas of the field, so every graduate can find a good fit.

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