5 Careers for a Master’s in Communication Graduate

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Updated August 4, 2020

Master's in Communication Careers

  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Market Research Analysts
  • Politics

Communication experts are needed in a wide variety of industries, and those with a master's degree and other suitable qualifications are often hired for management positions in media and business industries. A Master's in Communication degree can greatly strengthen your writing, analytical, research, reporting, and leadership skills, especially through advanced studies. After completing a Master's in Communication degree, you may qualify for high-end jobs in a plethora of fields ranging from public relations to marketing, and advertising. Without much ado, therefore, here is an overview of the top 5 career prospects for a Master's in Communication graduate.

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Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are expected to come up with strategies to promote a company's products and services and to increase sales. Accordingly, they need to carry meticulous market research to establish the best target audience for a given product, how much of the product to produce, and the best price point to sell it. Marketing managers are also expected to oversee advertisement plans which may include product or service promotion through television and radio, internet, and other media forms. They may also seek out new and unexploited markets to sell a company's product. What's more, they may specialize in certain aspect of marketing such as market research and product development.

Public Relations Manager

A public relations manager's role is to design effective strategies that can cultivate positive image for clients, products, and organizations. They develop and supervise a wide range of public relations (PR) campaigns and promote client causes through television, radio, print, and online publicity. So as a PR manager, you will write press releases, coordinate press conferences, and plan special events on behalf of your organization or company. Along with strong oral and written communication skills, a Master's in Communication degree holder working as a PR manager is expected to have exquisite leadership skills to mange other employees and coordinate various PR campaigns in an organization.

Advertising Manager

The role of an advertising manager is to develop and oversee various marketing campaigns for a company or organization's clients. Many advertising managers find employment with media firms, public agencies, and companies' advertising departments. They are required to liaise with other advertising experts such as sales, creative, and financial personnel to prepare advertising budgets and develop other important promotional materials. Besides the Master's in Communication degree, creativity, leadership, marketing expertise, and strong communication skills are essential for this role.

Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts are the professionals who design questionnaires, surveys, and polls to gauge the effectiveness of certain products and services, the reach of a given marketing strategy, or the needs and thoughts of consumers about a product or an ethical issue facing an organization. So to excel in this career, you must be proficient in both data analysis and communication. Generally, they are required to gather data, analyze it, and come up with useful recommendations for the company's actions. This way, they boost the profit margins of a company and foster consumer satisfaction by figuring out how the company communicates and allocates resources.


Politics offers an unprecedented number of opportunities for people with a Master's in Communication degrees. Media relations consultants, press secretaries, campaign consultants, and speechwriters all need a clear understanding how to effectively address the voting public. A Master's in Communication degree come with specialized training on how to handle communication issues revolving around a large audience—something that politicians need dearly. A position with an international rights agency, a national political party, or a public figure may require a Master's in Communication program combined with coursework in international relations, communication, and journalism.

Choosing your career path after a Master's in Communication degree largely depends on the impact you want to make on yourself as a brand and the skills you find most pleasing to use in real-world experience. These highlighted careers are only a few of the numerous options that you can excel in as a Master's in Communication graduate.

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