5 Careers for a Master’s in Information Technology Graduate

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Updated April 26, 2021

Top Careers with a Master's in Information Technology Degree

  • Video Game Designer
  • IS/IT Manager
  • Cloud Architect
  • Management Consultant
  • Computer Systems Analyst

A career with a Master's in Information Technology requires people with a clear understanding of technology and who know to apply technology to be most productive in the company. Here are some of the top careers for a graduate with a Master's in Information Technology.

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1. Video Game Designer

A Master of Science in Internet Systems can set you on a course toward a career in Video Game Design. An MSIS is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to use their skills in a creative way to create video games and debug systems. The median salary for a Video Game Designer is $80,000. Among the coursework covered in the degree program is:

  • Animation for Gaming
  • Game Play and Level Design
  • Interactive Programming Design
  • Preproduction
  • Programming and Implementation

CNN ranks Video Game Design as one of the top careers for a graduate with a Master's in Information Technology, and one of the best jobs in the country.

2. IS/IT Manager

Another of the top positions for a graduate with a Master's in Information Technology IS/IT Manager. The job responsibilities include managing a company's computer systems and technology; managing electronic data; and recruiting, training, and coaching IT staff. The IT Manager is also responsible for the security of networks and backup systems. The salary for IS/IT Managers is approximately $120,900.

3. Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect is an important asset to any technology company, especially one that's growing rapidly. Companies that store a lot of information need graduates with Master's in Information Technology to organize all the systems their company uses and information of their clients. It takes an efficient, organized, and reliable Cloud Architect to manage company databases and keep their networks secure. The Cloud Architect must be able to design and apply applications and monitor and manage systems. The median salary is $112,000.

4. IT Management Consultant

An IT Management Consultant analyzes a company's current technology and makes recommendations on how to improve it. To effectively manage the technology of a company they must keep up with the latest in computer technology and determine the systems and programs to meet the company's needs. To make the determination, they may interview the staff, analyze the data, or observe the company's operations on-site. The consultant must be involved with the operations of the company's clients, meet frequently with company managers, and make recommendations on how to acquire and put into place the necessary technology for a smooth operation. IT Management Consultants may work in the business, education, and healthcare industries and make a median salary of $74,526.

5. Computer Systems Analyst

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Computer Systems Analyst is one of the top IT jobs in the country with an expected growth rate of nine percent over the next several years. Computer Systems Analysts study an organization's procedures and systems that programmers create and make recommendations on how to operate them more effectively. The median salary for a Computer systems Analyst is $119,070.

Technology is evolving faster than at any other time in history and companies are relying more on master's graduates who specialize in Information Technology to manage their information and keep it secure.

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