5 Careers for a Master’s in Nutrition Graduate

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Master’s in Nutrition Careers

  • Dietitian
  • Child or Adolescent Nutritionists
  • Weight Loss Consultant
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Holistic Nutritionist

The field of nutrition is a growing one, offering a wide array of career opportunities to those who complete degrees in nutrition. Nutritionists are found in a variety of institutions and positions, from advising the parents of children with nutrient deficiencies to assisting people with healthy weight loss.

Nutrition represents a gold mine of lucrative career options. Those who complete a master’s degree in nutrition may choose from a plethora of specializations and job opportunities. Here are five careers for a Master’s in Nutrition graduate.

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Dietitians counsel presenting patients on how best to plan and implement healthy eating habits and nutrition into their everyday lives. Dietitians must evaluate patents’ overall health, consider any medical conditions or nutrient deficiencies, and nutritional habits up to the present in order to assist patients in forming an appropriate plan for their individual dietary needs. Dietitians may specialize in a variety of areas, including child dietetics, gerontological dietetics, or food allergy dietetics.

Child or Adolescent Nutritionists

Child and adolescent nutritionists assess the unique nutritional needs of growing children and adolescents and work with parents to ensure the physical health of the child is optimized via their diet. Child and adolescent nutritionists may help to manage cases of childhood obesity, juvenile diabetes, and other conditions that challenge the physical health of young people. Child and adolescent nutritionists are often found in schools, hospitals, or daycare facilities.

Weight Loss Consultant

Weight loss consultants may work through private clinics, be self-employed, or work in hospitals or other medical settings where obesity and related medical concerns are addressed. Weight loss consultants work individually with patients to identify nutritional challenges and formulate a plan to assist with the alleviation of obesity. Weight loss consultants are becoming increasingly common, and may also work in bariatrics clinics.

Sports Nutritionist

Sports nutritionists bring a wide variety of skills to the table in the course of advising competing athletes in their diets. Competitive sport demands large amounts of nutrition and careful planning of dietary needs – in addition to any nutritional challenges to meet, such as nutritional deficiencies, or disorders and diseases that complicate nutritional needs, like diabetes. Many sports teams, universities, and gyms have dedicated sports nutritionists that see to the complex nutritional needs of serious athletes. Sports nutrition is among the most lucrative of careers in nutrition, and may prove an excellent career choice for nutrition graduates that are themselves athletes or sports enthusiasts.

Holistic Nutritionist

A holistic nutritionist counsels clients in healthy food choices, physical health goals such as exercise, and appropriate supplements and lifestyle changes. Holistic nutritionists approach the individual as a whole, and educate the individual on how to achieve better levels of overall health through not only nutrition but attention to sleeping habits, physical activity, and proper hydration. Holistic nutritionists may also work in tandem with an individual’s primary care physician to determine what medical challenges the individual may face, and to refer the client back to the physician for any medical diagnoses that may require the attention of a doctor.

Regardless of where your interests lie, a master’s degree in nutrition will open doors to a tremendous variety of career options – and a long-lived and lucrative career in nutrition.

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