5 Concentrations for an MBA Degree

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Updated August 4, 2020

MBA Degree Concentrations

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Finance
  • Health Care Management

Choosing a business school may seem like a job in and of itself, but the journey to earning the right MBA for your needs doesn't end with selecting a school. It's also a good idea to choose a concentration that will help you better meet your goals. Here are five of the most popular concentrations offered by business schools today.


A concentration in strategy helps MBA graduates demonstrate not only that they know the basics of business but also that they can apply that knowledge strategically. This is an essential skill for professionals who work in the upper echelons of corporate management as well as those who work as consultants for other businesses. Mastery of strategy is also an incredibly valuable skill. In fact, a recent PayScale survey found that strategy was the top MBA concentration where overall salaries and return on investment are concerned. Concentrating in strategy is also a great choice for entrepreneurs who are getting ready to launch their own businesses.


Very few businesses can survive without a marketing team. In larger organizations, these teams are composed of a mix of creative types and business types. While professionals who do hands-on design work don't need an MBA to land a position in a marketing department, those who want to ascend beyond entry-level positions in marketing research, management or sales are often expected to have an MBA. In the competitive field of marketing, an advanced degree demonstrates deep, tried skills. If you're aiming to work as a marketing director, manager or business development manager, choosing a concentration in marketing can help you land your dream job.

International Business

Business seems to be getting more global every day. As more and more corporations expand their operations to different countries, the demand for professionals who are trained in the intricacies of international business is on the rise. Choosing an MBA concentration in international business will demonstrate that you understand the dynamics of the global business environment and that you're equipped to deal with the unique challenges that it presents. Of course, graduates who've chosen this concentration enjoy more than just stimulating job opportunities. They also enjoy some of the top salaries among all business school graduates.


It's well known in the field of finance that having an MBA is practically a requirement for any type of advancement. If you're aiming to forge a career in the field of finance, earning an MBA with a concentration in the field makes a great deal of sense. Students who specialize in finance understand how to use hard business data to make forecasts and guide enterprise success. Professionals who concentrated in finance during their studies tend to be the top candidates when positions in high-level financial analysis and management open at their organizations. Of course, MBA grads who've specialized in finance also enjoy good opportunities as portfolio managers and private financial analysts.

Health Care Management

Health care is an ever growing field, so it's no surprise that a concentration in health care management can be a smart choice for MBA students. Those who choose this concentration learn how to translate general business knowledge to the very different world of health care. While this concentration might not promise the highest salary, it does offer a high level of job meaning. That's because students who've chosen this concentration get to do more than just take care of business details. They also get to see how their decisions and leadership affect patients, health care providers and communities.

Getting the most out of your MBA means choosing the right concentration. Map out your career goals and find out what's expected by your target employers so that you can choose the right concentration for you.

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